9 Short Courses in Demand in South Africa


Short courses are becoming extremely popular in South Africa. These courses usually last from some weeks to months. They are either part-time or postgraduate programs offered on online platforms which could be owned by a university or organization.

In-demand Short Courses in South Africa

Some short courses offer expertise in several important sectors of the South African economy.  They offer knowledge in certain areas which is a bonus for most people who want to advance their career. The experience, flexibility, and affordability offered by these courses make them a hot cake in South Africa.

short courses in demand in south africa

Below are short courses in high demand in South Africa.

1. Advanced Project Management

Advanced Project Management online course is aimed at project managers and individuals involved in the business at an advanced operational and strategic level. Different institutions offer this course in South Africa. It is one of the most expensive short course in the country.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very important part of online businesses. Every online business owner will have to promote their business if they hope to beat the competition and make conversions. The demand for digital marketers with more than a degree has made this short course one of the hottest courses in South Africa.

You can apply for a digital marketing short course at any academic institution in South Africa offering the course. Through this course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools needed to execute digital marketing strategies that drive positive business results.

3. Business Accounting

This short course focuses on boosting the money management skills of an individual. Those in businesses or those who want to learn how to manage how they spend money for personal gains can apply for this course.

When applying for this course, it is important that you choose only a reputable university so that you’ll gain the right knowledge need to manage your finances or the financial spending of your company.

If you’re an accountant, financial clerk, bookkeeper or an employee in the financial department, this course will help you develop exponentially.

4. Customer Relationship Building

Building a relationship with a customer is very important if you want them to remain loyal to you. Loyal customers usually mean business growth as they convince others to buy from you. If you’re unable to interact with your customers, you’ll definitely lose them to your competitors no matter how good and effective your product is.

This is why you need to opt for a course in customer relationship building to help you develop the skill you need if you hope to build positive relationships with your customers. This course is mostly for business owners and individuals who hope to work as customer care representatives.

5. Health and Safety Representative Training

Health and Safety Representatives are very important employees in any establishment in South Africa. They are now a legal requirement for workplaces and perform very important functions that organizations cannot do without.

Health and Safety Representatives usually improve the health and safety of workers in an establishment by representing them and offering them advice on how to make decisions that would impact on their health and safety.

This course focuses on providing individuals with a sound understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. This course is also ideal for managers and supervisors who wish to understand the role of the Health and Safety Representative and improve workplace safety.

6. Software Engineering or Development

Software development is one of the most popular courses relating to computer science. Professionals in this field perform all kinds of functions like the design, creating, testing, and managing of computer systems.

They are needed in almost every institution in South Africa that makes use of computer systems for their operations. Short courses in Software development aim at providing knowledge on how to make software and ensure that the individual perfects the craft before being awarded the certificate.

The certificate is quite to acquire in some institutions that offer world-class teaching practices. While you might have to spend a lot to obtain a certificate in this course, you’ll definitely be rewarded in the future as the course is one of the most lucrative courses in South Africa.

Usually, high pays go to advanced software developers in big organizations in South Africa. If you hope to be one of them, then you’ll have to take the course very seriously and only acquire a certificate from a reputable organization in South Africa.

7. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency refers to online money. It has become very popular in recent years due to its high value. A lot of people have taken to trading cryptocurrency due to the high returns, however, getting a lot of it is not a walk in the park.

It is quite tedious which is why most beginners to turn to several online courses on cryptocurrency for knowledge on how to trade and build their e-wallets.

Institutions offering cryptocurrency courses do so through teachers who have experience in the world of crypotcurrency. Through these courses, you’ll learn how to trade cyrptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum on online platforms. You’ll also learn how to mine for these currencies.

8. Programming

Programming is similar to software development in the sense that programmers make use of codes to create software. However, programming is a more general term. Programming involves all form of software development, both mobile, and web. It also involves web design, development, and management.

Programming offers some of the most flexible career opportunities in the world today as programmers can work from anywhere and at any time. However, in reputable and large organizations, they are required to work in offices.

Short courses in programming usually take you through the basics of programming and teach you about programming languages. To gain more, you’ll have to go for specialized courses like web design and app development.

9. Marketing

Marketing is an important aspect of business promotion. Unlike digital marketing that deals with marketing only on the online world, this refers to a more general term. Training usually includes marketing to potential customers physically and online.

This course is essential for every business owner or individual who wants to market their business to make more gains or hopes to become a seasoned marketer in the future.

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