10 Best Schools in Johannesburg


If you are seeking the 10 best schools in Johannesburg, we wrote this post just for you. There are quite a number of schools in Johannesburg but everyone wants the best. Education is important and as a parent, you want to offer your kids the best.

To give them the best, you need to find the best schools. In this post, we have put together the 10 best schools in Johannesburg. Are you ready? Let’s get to business.

The top 10 best schools in Johannesburg

10 Best Schools in Johannesburg

Below is a list of the best schools in Johannesburg:

  • St John’s College
  • St. Andrew’s School for Girls
  • St. Martin’s School
  • St Stithians College
  • St Mary’s School
  • Kingsmead College
  • Redhill School
  • Charterhouse School
  • Roedean School
  • Start College Johannesburg

We will tell more about each of these schools in the remaining part of this post.

St. John’s College

St. John’s is a private school created for boys alone in Johannesburg, South Africa. This school was originally set up by the Anglican Church for boys. However, the school now accepts girls as well at different educational levels including Bridge Nursery, Preparatory, and College.

The school was established in 1898 and it caters to the following grades:

  • Pre-Preparatory (0 to 3)
  • Preparatory (4 to 7)
  • College (8 to 12)
  • Sixth Form (Cambridge A-Levels)

This means that St. John’s College has your kids covered until the university level. The school has about 1,350 students currently enrolled. Here is a summary of key pieces of information about St. John’s College:

  • Address: St David Road Houghton, 2198 Johannesburg
  • Telephone: 010 492 0300
  • Grades: 0 to 12
  • Fees: School Fees & Tuition: R201,000 p.a. (tuition and boarding), R125,000 p.a. (tuition only).
  • Current student strength: 1,350
  • Website: stjohnscollege.co.za

St. Andrew’s School for girls

This school is a Christian, private school that provides both boarding and day services for girls. The school is located in Gauteng, Johannesburg, and has a student strength of 1,100 pupils.

This school has won several awards which include:

  • Best English High School in South Africa
  • Best Nursery School
  • Best Private Girls School

Find below a summary of the key pieces of information about St. Andrew’s School for girls:

  • Address: Senderwood, Bedfordview, 2145 Johannesburg
  • Telephone: +27 (011) 453 9408
  • Grades: Pre-Prep to 12
  • Fees: School Fees & Tuition: R130,912 p.a. (tuition), R45,220 (termly fee), R122,170 p.a. (boarding fee), R42,200 (boarding fee / term)
  • Current Student Strength: 1,100
  • Website: standrews.co.za

St. Martin’s School

This is another school of Anglican origin in Johannesburg. It is a co-educational, private educational institution.

The class sizes in this school are usually kept low with the aim of making learning more conducive. St. Martin’s School was established in 1908 and caters for kids from Grade 000 to the final grade, Grade 12. The quality of educational services provided by this school makes it one of the best in Johannesburg.

Check out a summary of the key information about St. Martin’s School below:

  • Address: 114 Victoria Street, Rosettenville, Johannesburg 2190
  • Telephone: +27 11 435 0735/6/7
  • Grades: 000 to 12
  • Fees: School Fees & Tuition: R 109 260 p.a. (boarding), R 67 335 p.a. (tuition)
  • Enrollment: N/A
  • Website: stmartin.co.za/high-school/

St. Stithians College

St. Stithians College is of Methodist origin and it is one of the best private colleges in Johannesburg. Unlike the schools mentioned earlier, this school is not as old, it was established in 1953.

The school provides top-notch education to learners in the following educational grades:

  • Junior Prep (R to 2, Boys’ Prep: 3 to 7, Girls’ Prep: 3 to 7)
  • Boys’ College (8 to 12)
  • Girls’ College (8 to 12)

Business Tech listed St. Stithians as the top-performing private school in South Africa in 2017. Here are some important pieces of information about St. Stithians College:

  • Address: 40 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Sandton, 2191
  • Telephone: +27115776000
  • Grades: R to 12
  • Tuition Fee: R140 550 p.a.
  • Current Student Strength: 742 boys, 530 girls
  • Website: stithian.com

St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School is run by the Anglican Church making it a private educational institution. It was created to cater to the educational needs of girls in Johannesburg in 1888. Currently, the school has up to 1,057 students catering to their needs from Grade 000 to 12.

This school is among the most affordable private institutions in Johannesburg. Here are some other details:

  • Address: 55 Athol St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090
  • Telephone: +27 11 531 1800
  • Grades: 000 to 12
  • Tuition Fee: School Fees R74 600 p.a. (boarding termly), R92 450 p.a. (tuition Form V)
  • Current Student Strength: 1,057
  • Website: stmarysschool.co.za

Kingsmead College

Kingsmead is a private institution that provides educational services to girls from elementary to high school level. It was established in 1933 with just 136 pupils. Today, that number has grown to over 870 with the school divided into Junior and Senior sections.

Students in Grades 6 to 12 can make use of their personal iPads for school work. Those in lower grades make use of the iPads provided by the school when there is a need. Below are some pieces of important information about Kingsmead College:

  • Address: 132 Oxford Road, Melrose, 2121, Johannesburg
  • Telephone: +27 11 731 7400
  • Grades: 1 to 12
  • School Fees: Application Fee: R500 (non-refundable), Grades 0 to 2 School Fee: R85,770. Grades 3 to 4 School Fee: R100,245, Grades 5 to 7 School Fee: R120,360, Grades 8 to 9 School Fee: R131,805, Grades 10 to 12 School Fee: R147,600
  • Current Student Strength: 870
  • Website: kingsmead.co.za

Below is a list of the other top schools in Johannesburg:

  1. Redhill School – 20 Summit Road Morningside, Sandton Johannesburg 2057
  2. Charterhouse School – 10 Erasmus Road, Radiokop, Honeydew, 2040
  3. Roedan School – Princess of Wales Terrace Parktown, 2193, South Africa
  4. Start College Johannesburg – Princess of Wales Terrace Parktown, 2193, South Africa


There you have the list of the 10 best schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you have other schools in mind, you can share them with us in the comments section.