Cost of Dentures in South Africa (2020)


When we were younger, our parents told us that we could only ever have one set of permanent teeth. This meant that we had to care for our teeth well else we would lose them forever.

Today, we know better as several factors could lead to loss of teeth. The good thing is that with dental procedures and implants, we can have our lost teeth back.

Dentures are removable appliances that are used in replacing lost teeth and their surrounding tissue. They share a lot of resemblance with our natural teeth because of their perfect camouflage. Added to this, dentures help to give us that perfect smile we’ve always dreamed of.

Cost of Dentures in South Africa

Cost of Dentures in South Africa

In other parts of the world like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada, fixing dentures is very costly. However, in South Africa, the price is far more affordable. In fact, we could say it costs about half the regular price.

As expected, several factors influence the cost of dentures in South Africa. In general, the dentist has to assess the condition of the dental cavity and then draw up a line of action. This will inform the dentist on how much to charge for the procedure.

Usually, prices begin from R 8,000 for each tooth. This price means that locals would find it quite affordable to install dentures when the need arises. In the situation that a person does not have enough funds to pay for the procedure, a plan can be drawn out.

Due to the average costs of dentures in South Africa, most indigenes prefer to have theirs done within the country. In fact, patients from other countries have begun flocking into South Africa for this procedure as it is considerably cheaper.

Some people may consider the fact that low pricing may result in a poor procedure. This is not the case as South Africa has produced some of the best professionals in this field.

Types of dentures

In South Africa, you have access to two types of dentures. They are:

  • Complete denture
  • Partial denture.

We make use of a complete denture when all the teeth need to be replaced. On the other hand, when we need to replace just a few teeth, we make use of a partial denture.

Complete dentures are either immediate or conventional. With the immediate method, as soon as the teeth are taken out, the denture is fixed. The implication of this is that the patient does not spend a day without his or her teeth.

With the conventional method, the denture is fixed after the gum is healed. The healing process usually lasts between 4 to 6 weeks

Generally, dentures are sturdy and durable so they last for several years. They only challenge is that at intervals, they have to be repaired or remade.

Why do we make use of dentures?

There are several reasons why you may consider dentures. Some of them include:

  • Enhancing your smile.
  • To replace all the teeth in the arch.
  • To replace a few teeth in the arch.
  • Enhancing facial tissues.
  • Improving speech, chewing, and digestion.

Factors that lead to loss of teeth

There are so many reasons why a person would lose teeth. In this section, we will discuss a few of these reasons for the loss of teeth.

  • Injury – Sometimes, due to accidents or falls, a person’s teeth may be damaged beyond repair. One such injury is cracks that later form into holes. When this occurs, your dentist has no option, he would recommend that you get rid of the teeth affected.
  • Decay – So many people who visit dentists, not just in South Africa, but in every part of the world, do so because of decays. Tooth decay is the destruction of the hard part of your teeth known as the enamel. Most times, the remedy is filling the holes created. However, in cases where the decay is unattended for a long time, it consumes the whole tooth. This leads to untold pain which is why such teeth have to be removed.
  • Gingivitis – This occurs when the gum around the teeth is invaded by bacteria. The bacteria destroys these tissue which should be holding the teeth in place. This is why the teeth get to fall out after a while.

When any of these happens, the use of dentures becomes almost inevitable. Except if you don’t want to fill up the vacant space which could have terrible effects on your looks.

What getting a denture involves

Getting a denture requires you to take several trips to the dentist. These appointments will have to be spread over a couple of weeks. It is important that during this period, accurate measurements and impressions or molds are taken.

These measurements and molds will be used to create a personalized denture for you. To achieve excellence in design, you will have to undertake quite a number of try-in appointments. During these appointments, you will work with the dentist to achieve the proper color, size, and shape of the denture.

During your final appointment, the new customized denture will be fixed. The dentist may need to make a few adjustments while placing the denture. This is necessary to ensure a comfortable and natural fit.

After the denture is fixed, there are certain experiences you might have. These may include but are not restricted to soreness, an increase in saliva flow, speech difficulty, and chewing difficulty. Usually, all of these are bound to subside within a few days to a few weeks. It is all dependent on how fast your tissues and muscles can get used to the idea of your dentures.

Advantages of dentures

  1. Lots of comforts.
  2. Improves confidence because of a better smile.
  3. Supports facial tissues and structures.
  4. Reduces the loss of oral bones.

Disadvantages of dentures

Truth be told, modern dentistry has done a great job of eliminating the disadvantages of dentures to the barest minimum. However, a few still linger:

  1. They have to be removed frequently for cleaning.
  2. Poorly fitted dentures may cause pain and discomfort.


In this post, we have seen how much dentures cost in South Africa. We have also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of these dental implants and many other pieces of information. Let us know if this helped you by dropping a comment below.