100+ Visa Free Countries for South African Citizens

Getting a visa to travel to a foreign country is one of the most strenuous exercises when it comes to traveling. It is even more difficult if you’re traveling to a country on another continent or a developed country

Developed countries are the go-to destination for many travelers which makes their visa requirements and approval process very strict. However, there are some countries that allow foreigners that enter without visas. These countries encourage tourism by removing visa conditions for some specific countries.

visa free countries for south africans

Normally, visa conditions define how long the visitor could stay, where to visit and how many visits the visitor would have. Visa-free countries for South African citizens do not have any of these conditions.

Visa-free Countries for South African Citizens & Passport Holders

The South African passport is one of the most powerful passports in Africa and the world and with it, you can visit more than 100 countries around the world without applying for a visa.

In this article, you’ll find the 100+ Visa Free Countries for South African Citizens. These countries do not require South African citizens to make any prior arrangements or apply for a visa before being granted entry. However, you must have your South African passport and other travel documents with you at all times.

Asian Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Cambodia – Central Asia
  2. Hong Kong (SAR China) – Asia
  3. Indonesia – Southeast Asia
  4. Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) – Central Asia
  5. Laos – Southeast Asia
  6. Macao (SAR China) – Asia
  7. Malaysia – Southeast Asia
  8. Maldives – South Asia
  9. Nepal – South Asia
  10. Philippines – Southeast Asia
  11. Singapore – Southeast Asia
  12. South Korea – East Asia
  13. Sri Lanka – South Asia
  14. Tajikistan – Central Asia
  15. Thailand – Southeast Asia
  16. Timor-Leste – Southeast Asia

European Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Republic of Ireland – North-western Europe
  2. Kosovo – Southeast Europe
  3. Russian Federation – Eastern Europe and North Asia

African Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Mozambique – Southeast Africa
  2. Angola – South-central Africa
  3. Benin – West Africa
  4. Botswana – Southern Africa
  5. Cape Verde Islands – West Africa
  6. Comoros Islands – East Africa
  7. Djibouti – East Africa
  8. Eswatini (Swaziland) – Southern Africa
  9. Ethiopia – East Africa
  10. Gabon – Central Africa
  11. Ghana – West Africa
  12. Guinea-Bissau – West Africa
  13. Kenya – East Africa
  14. Lesotho – Southern Africa
  15. Madagascar – East Africa
  16. Malawi – East Africa
  17. Mauritania – West Africa
  18. Mauritius – East Africa
  19. Mozambique – East Africa
  20. Namibia – Southern Africa
  21. Reunion – East Africa
  22. Rwanda – East Africa
  23. Senegal – West Africa
  24. Seychelles – East Africa
  25. Somalia – East Africa
  26. Helena – West Africa
  27. Tanzania – East Africa
  28. Togo – West Africa
  29. Tunisia – North Africa
  30. Uganda – East Africa
  31. Zambia – East Africa
  32. Zimbabwe – East Africa

Oceanian Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Fiji – South Pacific Ocean
  2. Cook Islands – South Pacific Ocean
  3. Marshall Islands – Central Pacific Ocean
  4. Micronesia – Western Pacific Ocean
  5. Niue – South Pacific Ocean
  6. Palau Islands – Western Pacific Ocean
  7. Samoa – South Pacific Ocean
  8. Tuvalu – Western Pacific Ocean
  9. Vanuatu – South Pacific Ocean
  10. Caribbean
  11. Turks and Caicos Islands -Atlantic Ocean
  12. Antigua and Barbuda – Caribbean (Central America)
  13. Bahamas – Caribbean (Central America)
  14. Barbados – Eastern Caribbean (Central America)
  15. British Virgin Islands – Caribbean
  16. Cayman Islands – Western Caribbean
  17. Dominica – Caribbean Sea
  18. Dominican Republic – Caribbean Sea
  19. Grenada – West Indies in the Caribbean Sea
  20. Haiti – Caribbean Sea
  21. Jamaica – Caribbean Sea
  22. Montserrat – Caribbean
  23. Kitts and Nevis – West Indies in the Caribbean Sea
  24. Lucia – Eastern Caribbean
  25. Vincent and the Grenadines – Southern Caribbean
  26. Trinidad and Tobago – Caribbean

American Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Argentina – Southern part of South America
  2. Belize – Central America
  3. Bolivia – Central South America
  4. Brazil – South America
  5. Chile – Western part of South America
  6. Costa Rica – Central America
  7. Ecuador – Western part of South America
  8. El Salvador – Central America
  9. Falkland Islands – South Atlantic Ocean
  10. Guatemala – Central America
  11. Guyana – Northern part of South America
  12. Honduras – Central America
  13. Nicaragua – Central America
  14. Panama – Central and South America
  15. Paraguay – South America
  16. Peru – Western South America
  17. Uruguay – Southeastern region of South America
  18. Venezuela – Northern part of South America

Middle Eastern Visa-free Countries for South Africans

  1. Jordan – Western Asia
  2. Armenia – Western Asia
  3. Georgia – Eurasia (Western Asia and Eastern Europe)
  4. Iran – Western Asia
  5. Israel – Western Asia
  6. Palestinian Territory – Asia
  7. Qatar – Western Asia

The South African passport is very powerful, providing you access to over 100 countries all over the world. However, it is not the most powerful passport in the world. The most powerful passport in the world are Japan and Singapore passports.

These passports provide visa-free entry into more into 187 countries in the world. The United States and United Kingdom passport only allow entry into 183 countries in the world.

People holding passports from countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Lebanon, North Korea, Nepal, etc will have a hard time getting into many countries as they only provide visa-free entry to less than 40 destinations.

Usually, the more developed and advanced the country, the more visa-free options it gets. As the South African economy grows, more countries all over the world will start to offer its citizens visa-free entry.

As of now, only 3 European countries offer visa-free entry to South Africans with none of the developed countries in the continent doing so. In North America, it’s the same story. Looking to Asia, countries like Singapore, Japan and China place stringent rules on visa applications which could be quite tough for South Africans.

Many countries offer visa-free entry to boost their economy through tourism and investor relations. It is believed that more countries will offer this privilege to South Africa in the future.

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