Top 10 South African Fashion Bloggers (2019)


Every year, new blogs debut in the already saturated South African fashion niche to bring something fresh to the blogosphere. As a result, it’s now difficult knowing whether you’re getting the best content on a blog or there’s something better out there. A great fashion blog should pay careful attention to details to make sure you’re getting value for the time you spend on it.

Top South African Fashion Bloggers

south african fashion bloggers

To help you get the very best content in the blogosphere, here’s a list of the top South African fashion bloggers to know and their sites.

Aqeelah Harron

aqeelah harron

Venturing into the blogosphere after working as a flight attendant, Aqeelah is the genius behind the famous blog, Fashion Breed. She updates the blog regularly with exceptional content that consists of photo-stories, everyday style, travel, events and articles.

For a blog that’s been around for about 9 years, Fashion Breed is one you can trust for tips on how to style the season’s latest pieces, shop online and transform basics into a stunning outfit. She has been on the fashion panel of Expresso and has worked with the likes of Hugo Boss and Adidas to mention a few.

Palesa Mahlaba

palesa mahlaba

Few people have a passion for the fashion industry like Palesa and the evidence is obvious. She built her blog, Simply Palesa, around reviewing new beauty products, creating content on fashion and beauty trends, organizing fashion and beauty giveaways and giving discounts on her insta as a form of bonus to her fans.

Having worked as a fashion editor and currently a fashion stylist, her blog is a haven for people looking to try out new, feminine and enchanting styles.

Tshepang “Twiggy” Mollison

tshepang twiggy mollison

When Twiggy is not coming up with new fashion ideas, she’s either occupied with learning about food or travelling. She self-confessed that the she enjoys doing these three things and has found a way to turn passion to profit, little wonder she ranks in the list of top fashion bloggers in South Africa.

Twiggy co-owns her blog, Sleepless in Soweto, with her sister and has partnered with Spree and Absolut Vodka to bring her vision to life. Although she’s super stylish, her perfect mix of a tomboy and aesthetics will leave you filled with admiration for her electric style.

Rebecca Arendse

rebecca arendse

The Minimale blogger is also a writer and photographer, proving that you can be a jack of several trades and master of all. The name of her blog indicates her minimalist perspective on fashion with the emphasis that style should be quality over quantity.

Rebecca’s concept has carved a spot for her in the saturated fashion niche, especially for people who want to become less wasteful without compromising on the aim to look bold and gorgeous. She’s the blogger to follow if you want tips on how to achieve beauty with simplicity.

Nadia Jaftha

nadia jaftha

Apart from having a great sense of humour that’s likely to have anyone in stitches, Nadia is a fashionista that’s admired by her fans for her sense of style. She’s also the proud owner of a clothing label called Strada Chic that offers a variety of breezy fabrics and aestival wears.

Nadia’s blog might be just a few years old but her popularity and fan base has risen in leaps and bounds to make her a top fashion blogger. Her blog, Birdline, is not just a place to catch up on the latest tips; it’s also a place to witness her antics for a good laugh.

Aisha Baker Parnell

aisha baker parnell

Determination, hard work and a solid team are the core ingredients of any type of success and the same holds true with Aisha. Starting with her former blog known as Baked the Blog, Aisha has now rebranded her blog as Baked Online to keep up with the ever changing climate of the blogosphere.

Aisha’s over 9 years of hard work has paid off as she has gained international reputation by winning the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for best African blogger and has been named as part of Superbalist’s top 100 South African fashion influencers.

Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow

kenny jules morifi-winslow

Although she’s the founder of IIIRD Citizen and a Parsons MA Graduate, Kenny self-identifies as a “fashion anthropologist.” She’s not your typical idea of a fashion blogger because of her extensive knowledge of several topics and theoretical essays, but she does have her unique perspective to fashion which is a breath of fresh air in the niche.

Apart from looking gorgeous, Kenny sees fashion as a way to express our innate humanity and shares everything on her page.

Sergio Ines

sergio ines

Sergio Innes’ entrance into fashion blogging was unexpected. It all started in 2012 when his girlfriend posted photos of him looking dapper in some outfits on Instagram. In no time, his account swelled to 30,000 followers who were impressed by the savvy outfits. Today, he’s followed by hundreds of thousands of fans while his blog, What My Boyfriend Wore, has become the go-to site for men looking for style inspiration and tips on how to dress.

Brett Robson

brett robson

Brett started her blog when she lost her job in 2010 and have worked consistently on by giving insightful tips to her fans over the years to reach the pinnacle she is today. She has collaborated with a host of brands and has been featured in multiple publications. She also has her own clothing line to cater for different tastes of people and continues to grow her brand relations.

Sherri-Lee Greenway

sherri lee greenway

Shirri-Lee Greenway is the founder of SA Fashion Girl, a blog that’s largely about edgy clothes and kawaii punk girly grunge outfits. She also shares tips for with her fans on makeup, styling, place to shop and even photography while also keeping them updated about her adventures.

There’s no such thing as a boring backdrop for Sherri-Lee as her photos echo the creativity of her fashion looks. Sometimes, she experiments with fashion and beauty, so don’t be surprised to read her quirky outfit posts.

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