RS7 Prices in South Africa


The RS7 is one of the newest additions to the Audi range of Sports cars. If you are a fan of sports cars in South Africa, then you would be interested in knowing more about this car.

Not to worry, we have got your back and will provide you all the information you need to know about this car. In this post, you will get to know the price, specs, pros and cons of the Audi RS7.

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Price of the RS7 in South Africa

RS7 Prices in South Africa

As a lover of the RS7, you must be seeking the price of this amazing car in South Africa. There are several variants of the RS7 available in South Africa.

For a new RS7, prices begin from R1 199 990. This is quite cheap compared to other parts of the world. If you prefer getting a used version of the car, you can pick one up from R500 000. The prices of used RS7 cars depend on several factors which include neatness, the seller, and year of production.

What is the RS7?

You probably have heard about the RS7 a couple of times, especially if you are a lover of sports cars. One thing is obvious about the car market, it is driven by performance, speed, and design.

For a very long time, Audi has been away from the scene when it comes to luxury sports cars. However, it is in a bid to reclaim its position as one of the best in the market with the RS7 being among its latest efforts.

The new range of Audi sports vehicles is luxurious, big, and performance-driven with a V8 engine. Back to the RS7, it is a very fast car even though it does not have the characteristic raucous sound of sports cars. In fact, some people think the car is too refined which makes it a bit less exciting than other sports cars.

The RS7 may be a saloon car but it looks way more elegant. It is the perfect grand tourer for people who prefer a saloon with pacey decorum.

Discussing the specifications of the RS7

The second generation of the RS7 makes use of an almost 600-hp petrol V8 engine that is turbocharged. It has an 8-speed auto gearbox with a 4-wheel-drive system. With this car, you are sure that the cruising economy will return to the highs.

Another striking spec of this car is the fact that you can adjust the height of both the air suspension and the steel coils. One of the major improvements this car has had through its generations is the inclusion of the all-wheel-steering system.

The styling of this car is amazing as it is very different from other Audi models. It has widened tracks and both the rear and front wing panels are very attractive as well as the aggressive-looking bumper.

Most car buyers consider the interior of a car as very important. Despite the fact that the interior doesn’t look too different from a few other Audi models like the A7, many users still love it. Why won’t they when you consider the high-tech luxury and expensive-looking interior of the RS7.

The seats of the car are comfortable both for short and long-distance travel. There are a few driving modes that make the driving experience to always look forward to. It may seem that the addition of all of these would make driving this car more complicated, however, it has made it smoother and more convenient.

Below is a summary of the engine specifications of the RS7:

Top speed 155Mph
0–62 3.70s
Engine capacity 3,993cc
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Engine Power – BHP 605bhp
Engine Power – KW 445kW
Engine Power – RPM 6,100rpm
Engine Torque – LB·FT 553lb·ft
Engine Torque – NM 750Nm
CO2 221g/km
Standard Euro Emissions Euro 6
Fuel Tank Capacity 75l
EC Urban 21mpg
EC Extra Urban 39mpg
EC Combined 29.7mpg
Cylinders 8
Cylinder Layout V8
Number of Valves 32
Camshaft DOHC
Drive train Four Wheel Drive
Fuel delivery Turbo
Engine Layout North-South


Check out a summary of the dimensions of the RS7 below:

Length 5,012mm
Width (including mirrors) 2,139mm
Height 1,419mm
Seats 4
Doors 5
Luggage Capacity (Seats Up) 535l
Gross Vehicle Weight 2,515kg
Wheelbase 2,915mm
Minimum Kerbweight 1,930kg
Max. Roof Load 100kg
Max. Loading Weight 585kg
Tyre Size Rear 285/30 R21
Tyre Size Spare Tyre Repair KIT
Wheel Type 21″ Alloy


Why you should buy the RS7

You are probably wondering why you should buy the Audi RS7, well here are some reasons. The first reason is that this car is very easy to drive and it moves very quickly. This is why most people see it as very capable of fitting into your daily life seamlessly.

Even though the car is not as fast as many of the other grand tourers on the market, it is a car you will enjoy daily. It is very spacious and refined to move without being raucous.

Most users see this car as a winner among its contemporaries in terms of size and look. However, when it comes to the driving experience, there isn’t so much special about the car. We cannot forget the fact that the RS7 is a very comfortable car if you are not looking for too many special attributes.

Where to buy the RS7 in South Africa

There are several places where you can buy the RS7 in South Africa. You can decide to buy from the Audi official website. You will also find a list of accredited dealerships where you can buy the car in South Africa.

If you prefer to buy a used RS7, it is a bit easier. All you need to do is visit the websites of any of the car sellers in South Africa. From here, you can see the available offers and make contact with these sellers.


The RS7 is a car with an amazing design and above-par performance. If you are a lover of quality sports cars without lots of noise, this is a car for you. We have shown you some of the specs and the prices of this car in South Africa.