RS5 Prices in South Africa


As a lover of cars, you must have seen or heard about the RS5. The RS5 is one of the newest additions to the Audi sports cars range. There is a lot to say about this car, especially with respect to looks and performance.

In this post, we will look at several points of discussion related to this car in South Africa. We will discuss the price, specs, and tell you why you should buy the Audi RS5. At this point, we invite you to continue reading as this is about to get more exciting.

Price of the RS5 in South Africa

RS5 Prices in South Africa

Depending on whether you want a new or used RS5, the prices may differ. Based on the model, these are the prices of new RS5 cars in South Africa.

Model Price (R) Efficiency
RS5 coupe quattro R 1 297 000 9.0 206 3.9s
RS5 Sportback quattro R 1 312 000 9.1 206 3.9s


Prices for used RS5 cars begin from R300 000 and could be as expensive as over R1 000 000. It all depends on the year of production, features, and neatness of the car.

Overview of the RS5

The first thing you should know about this car is that is a very recent model added to the sports cars range owned by Audi. The first time we experienced the technology of the RS5 was in 2017.

This car was designed as an alternative to the S5 and A5, the major difference is that it is noisier in nature. Another key difference is the fact is that the car does not come with a convertible option.

A third difference, which we consider a major factor in the purchase of cars is the pricing. It is far costlier than the two other models mentioned above.

When it comes to performance and styling, this car stands out as unique among its peers. It comes with a straight-line speed which has proven to be impressive and its ability to take sharp turns is impeccable. We can attribute these abilities to an efficient V6 engine as well as the all-wheel-drive Quattro system.

Many will see this car as intimidating because of its appearance, however, it is considered by many as a very comfortable car. One challenge that makes it easy to choose some of its competitors is the fact that some of the uncompromising qualities needed are absent.

Despite this fact, several features make it a really great buy. An example is the front seats that possess massage abilities as well as the opulent surfaces that equip the cabin of the car. Let’s face the fact, if you want a beast, this car will provide you such a luxury even though it is more of a beauty than it is a beast.

Engine, performance, and transmission

A 444-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine sits just below the sinewy clamshell hood of the car. Even though it has a lower horsepower capacity than the V8, it has increased torque. The RS5 also has an eight-speed auto transmission that is smooth shifting.

When it comes to handling, this car is one of the sweetest to handle behind the steering wheel.  It is very easy to control and exploit even though it is one of the meanest versions in the Audi range of sports cars. Handling this vehicle in wet and dry conditions are almost the same, smooth and easy.

The comfort of this car is unbelievable whether over short or long distances. Many of its rivals may require a lot more attention while being driven, but this one is rather too intoxicating.

Fuel economy of the RS5

The latest versions of the RS5 come with just one powertrain as well as the all-wheel-drive. This implies that the car doesn’t consume so much fuel, both within the city and on long trips. If you are a sucker for fuel economy, then this is one car you should have.

Interior comfort and cargo space

Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to the interior of the RS5. It is a mixture of high-tech equipment along with an array of so many rich materials. The seats in front are meet the high standards set for sports seats which include being very supportive and comfortable over long rides.

These sports seats also possess massage functions to meet the needs of the front passenger and driver over the trip. The cabin comes with beautiful interior lighting that boosts the ambiance of the vehicle.

There is also the new-improved 3-climate control as well as a panoramic sunroof. If you prefer a fancier interior, then you can choose the diamond-stitched interior, heated steering wheel, a head-up display, and a gauge cluster that is fully digital.

Though the driving experience is fanciful and gives you excellent visibility, there isn’t so much space in the cabin. The seats behind can only accommodate two average-height adults. It makes up for this lack of space in the trunk which makes it easier to carry lots of cargo.

Infotainment and Safety Features

What is a car these days without infotainment? This car does not have the dual touchscreens that are available in other Audi cars which makes it less futuristic. It makes up for this with a 7-inch display at the center that comes with rotary control.

What this implies is intuitive operation and reduced distraction for the driver. It comes with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities.

The car is designed with the latest features to provide optimal protection for occupants of the vehicle in the event of a crash.

Where to get the RS5 in South Africa

There are several places to buy the RS5 from Audi in South Africa. Your place of purchase depends largely on your car preference.

If you prefer to buy a new Audi RS5, then we advise that you visit the official Audi South Africa website. You will get a list of accredited dealers so you can find the one closest to you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to get a used RS5, then we recommend you visit any of the numerous car selling websites. You can also visit the different dealerships closest to you.


In this post, we have shown you the prices of RS5 in South Africa and several other important pieces of information about the car. Now you can decide whether to own this car or not.