Quantity Surveyor Salary in South Africa


Real estate construction has become a big deal these days and quantity surveyors play a major role in seeing that these buildings are properly constructed. Lots of money is invested in the construction of buildings. Quantity surveyors manage the financial aspects of these projects.

The importance of the contribution of quantity surveyors to the economy of South Africa cannot be overemphasized. In this post, we will be discussing the salary earned by quantity surveyors in South Africa. We will also look into the responsibilities of quantity surveyors and the process leading to becoming a quantity surveyor in South Africa.

quantity surveyor salary in south africa

Who is a quantity surveyor?

Quantity surveyors are professionals who work in the construction industry using their knowledge of construction costs to handle construction contracts. Their role in construction, building, and allied industries cannot be downplayed.

As a matter of fact, they are indispensable because they provide clients advice on costing and contract matters. Most times they are in charge of the preparation of the contract papers on behalf of their clients. They work in conjunction with consulting engineers and architects. This is so that the interests of their clients are protected.

They also provide advice to investors and developers of fixed properties while providing valuation services for insurance purposes. Quantity surveyors are mostly regarded as building economists or financial managers of the construction sector.

Their duties stem around the financial aspects of construction projects especially with respect to providing satisfaction to their clients. They are usually part of construction teams made up of architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, building engineers, etc.

Responsibilities of quantity surveyors

Quantity surveyors carry out the following responsibilities based on their training and experiences.

  1. Run feasibility studies, prepare budgets and estimates for projects under their supervision.
  2. Prepare tender documentation that is required for competitive tendering.
  3. They negotiate contracts on behalf of clients.
  4. Provide professional advice on tender procedures and contractual agreements.
  5. They evaluate the progress of ongoing building projects.
  6. They exercise cost control on both construction and design phases of building projects.
  7. Settle the eventual costs of each project with the subcontractors and contractors.

Generally, they end up spending a lot of their time on construction sites as they have to observe and supervise the construction process. Part of what they inspect are the different deliverables and the different stages of the construction. Many of them prefer to have makeshift offices on construction sites while projects are ongoing even though they have real offices like architects and engineers.

Personal requirements to become a quantity surveyor

Before we even consider the educational requirements that should be met before a person can become a quantity surveyor, let’s consider the personal requirements. They might seem trivial but they are key to achieving outstanding success. Before you begin your quest towards becoming a quantity surveyor, be sure you possess the following qualities:

  1. Possess proficiency in writing and oral English communication.
  2. Be able to work accurately without any form of supervision.
  3. Be reliable and scrupulous.
  4. Possess abstract reasoning abilities and have a keen interest in mathematics.
  5. Be practical in nature.
  6. Be longsuffering and persevering.
  7. Be interested in financial management, architecture, the legality of contracts, and construction.
  8. Must be shrewd and be able to manage funds efficiently.
  9. Possess great negotiation abilities.

If you possess these, then you already have an edge and are likely to succeed as a quantity surveyor in South Africa.

Educational requirements to study quantity survey in South Africa

It is important that one considers the educational requirements that must be met before even attempting to apply to any institution to study any course. The different institutions in South Africa have specific requirements that applicants must satisfy to be eligible to study quantity survey.

You can either study quantity survey at Bachelors’ Degree Level or Diploma Level. Whichever you choose, it is compulsory that you excel in mathematics and physical sciences. It is also recommended that you have a background in accounting.

Training to become a Quantity Surveyor in South Africa

To bag a BSc in Quantity Survey, you must have spent 4 years studying the course in one of the universities in the country. After this, you are required to work under the supervision of a registered quantity surveyor for between 2 to 3 years.

To bag a National Diploma certificate, you must have studied for 3 years. The first and third years are run full-time, while the second year is run part-time so you can gain some experience in the field.

Potential employers of quantity surveyors in South Africa

  1. Government departments.
  2. Private firms
  3. Provincial administrations
  4. Municipalities
  5. Consultancy as a self-employed professional.

How much do quantity surveyors earn in South Africa?

Generally, the average annual salary of a quantity surveyor in South Africa is R325 520. This will increase with expertise and experience. The quantity surveyor must develop skills in finance, valuation, precision in measurement, budget preparation, etc. to grow income.


It is obvious that quantity surveyors are the livewire of the construction industry. This gives an explanation to why they earn so much. If you plan on studying quantity survey, make sure you carry out sufficient research with the school you are applying to. Good luck on your quest.

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