10 Best Online Clothing Stores in South Africa


Going to mall and rummaging through a stack of clothes for an outfit for an event is not only time-consuming but also stressful. Thankfully, the emergence of online shopping has reduced the walking and increased the clicking, offering the opportunity to buy our favourites from the comfort of our homes.

Best Online Clothing Stores in South Africa: Our Top 10 Picks

While online shopping should make life easier, it can easily become frustrating if you don’t know where to look. Here’s our list of 10 best online clothing stores in South Africa you can check always visit.

best online clothing stores in south africa

1. Zana

The online store was founded by Sue and Robyn Britz in 2012 and since then, it has to become a top online shopping destination for fashion lovers. They design and produce just about everything – from pillows to planters and even stunning fabrics. Zana receives online visitors from around the world while meeting the needs of retail and wholesale buyers as well boutiques that wish to stock their clothing. Today, what started with just mother and daughter has become a strong brand with a studio of people working for them.

2. Superbalist

There’s hardly a South African that doesn’t know Superbalist (formerly known as Spree) as one of the biggest stores in the country but they didn’t start this big. The company which was founded by Luke Jedeikin and Cluade Hanan in 2010 is now an online store that updates their website with over 12,000 products daily to decorate your home and yourself. Scroll through their website to see their offerings which covers work wears, sweats, formal and casual attires, and more. Interestingly, the company offers support to innovative start-ups who desire to reach a massive audience which is another reason why Superbalist will continue to dominate South Africa’s online shopping world.

3. Makoya Brands

Makoya Brands is a South African online clothing store for people who love luxurious, stylish and high quality clothing. They offer authentic clothing which are sourced from Europe, USA and South Africa, including handbags, footwear, underwear, clothes (jeans, polo shirts, dresses, sweaters/hoodies) and many more. If you’re looking to buy products that are new, genuine and shipped directly from the manufacturer, Makoya Brands is one of the few online destinations you want check out.

4. Hello Pretty

Self-acclaimed as South Africa’s top designer marketplace, Hello Pretty is one of the few stores that’s all owned by South Africans and stocked with South African products. Sift through the stores to get your favourites vintage clothes or accessories to enhance your appearance. Some of their clothing offerings include dresses, shoes, swimwear, tops, sleepwear, and outwear – you name it! Provided you can navigate the site, you’re sure to find something products that appeal to you without having to break a bank.

5. Label Collections

After spending some years in the fashion industry, the founder, Nadia, launched her own store, Label Collections, where visitors can purchase ready-to-wear clothes that are locally produced. Her philosophy is simple: people should be able to purchase less and receive so much wear. Although the collection is produced locally, the finished garments come in feminine, contemporary and chic designs. The clothes on the store are elegant and stylish. There’s even a line for maternity wears so women who are pregnant don’t have to give up on looking good.

6. Zando

It’s impossible creating a list of the best clothing stores in South Africa without including Zando. Founded in 2012, is the go-to online destination for people who want to get the luxury labels they love at a steal. Zando features a wide range of international and local fashion brands for sale in South Africa. Whatever your fashion styling may be (whether Bad Girl or I Am Woman or another), Zando has got you covered with its offerings which includes a wide range of big name brands. They also stock shoes, sports trainers and other stylish apparel for both men and women which are usually the latest trends and must-haves for every season.

7. H&M

Considered as a pacesetter in fashion and design across the globe, H&M is a Swedish clothing company but with a strong presence in South Africa. From men to women to teenagers and children, HM offers wears that caters to the tastes and preferences of everyone. They’re ideal if you’re looking to get top trends in fashion as well your favourite brands at an affordable price. Don’t let the affordability get to you – you will be getting quality high street fashion that will earn you compliments from people when you shop online for apparel and accessories.

8. MRP

MRP (also known as Mr Price) is a fashion-leading apparel, footwear and accessories store that stocks a diversity of options for less. They offer all the latest top clothing that are in line with international fashion trends at an exceptional value to ladies, men and children. Shop all the fun and funky fashion favourites you’ve craved for yourself and the whole family, all for highly competitive prices. Although the company is South African, they have expanded its reach to other African countries, proving that they’re a store that’s consistent with providing value.

9. Sassy Chic

Established in 2011, Sassy Chick is an online fashion store created by a mother and daughter team, Karen Spies and Roxanne Page. The store stocks wearable wardrobe staples –which are mostly designed and made locally even though they draw their inspiration from a variety of international trends and influences. They’re an ideal choice for women who want to buy local labels while also looking elegant. All their offerings – from lingerie to beauty and home wear products are qualitative and affordable.

10. Jo Borkett

The last but not the least on our list of 10 best online clothing stores in South Africa is Jo Borkett. The online shop stocks wears that are suitable for sophisticated and successful women of all ages, making them a bespoke fashion brand. The team prides themselves as a luxurious yet affordable brand that keep up with the latest catwalk trends, so you know you can look fabulous whether at home or in the office or out-on-the-town when you shop online for wearable garments and stylish accessories.

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