Mazda3 Prices in South Africa


Mazda3 is one of the most loved cars in South Africa today for several reasons. If you are one of the fans of this vehicle and are seeking information about its price, we wrote this post for you.

By the time you are done reading, you will be furnished with lots of information about Mazda3 in South Africa. Let’s get straight to the crux of this post.

Mazda3 Prices in South Africa

Mazda3 Prices in South Africa

These are the prices of the different Mazda3 models in South Africa.

  • Mazda3 Hatch 2.0 Astina – R459,900
  • Mazda Mazda3 Hatch 1.5 Individual Auto – R374,000
  • Mazda3 Sedan 1.5 Active – R357,000
  • Mazda Mada3 Harch 1.5 Dynamic Auto – R331,000
  • Mazda Mazda3 Hatch 1.5 Individual Auto – R382,800
  • Mazda Mazda3 1.6 Dynamic – R279,000

The History of the Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda, a simple name for ‘Mazda Motor Corporation’, is a Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture-based Japanese multinational automaker. The name is also derived from the name of its founder Jujiro Matsuda. Other proposed names such as Sumera which mean “god” and Tenshi meaning “angel” both denote the founder’s fascination in human faith.

Mazda was founded as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. Later the company changed its name to Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd, in January 1920. The company began by manufacturing machine tools. It then moved onto the launching of vehicles such as the Mazda Go auto rickshaw. Throughout World War II, Toyo Kogyo also manufactured weapons such as the Type 99 rifle for the Japanese military.

As a way of standing out from its Japanese counterparts, in 1960, Mazda got inspiration from the NSU Ro 80. The result of this was that it engineered and developed the Wankel rotary engine. In 1967, it went ahead to affiliate with NSU, a German company. This affiliation enabled the limited production of Cosmo Sport.

The Wankel engine is a type of internal combustion engine using an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion.  Mazda later became the sole manufacturer of Wankel-type engines for the automotive market and has continued up until the Pro Mazda Championships.

In 1968, Mazda started operating in Canada. This was after it had already begun exporting its vehicles with their piston-powered and rotary-powered engines. These vehicles were sent to the rest of the world in order to gain publicity.

By 1970, it formally entered the American market. Although every car produced from the start of the company carried Mazda as its name, the name was officially adopted in 1984.

Partnership with Other Companies

Fast-forward to 2011, where Mazda sold over $1.9 billion in shares in order to replenish capital as a result of financial difficulties. In 2015, Mazda partnered with Toyota in order to supply fuel-efficient SkyActiv gasoline and diesel engine technology in exchange for hydrogen cell systems.

Before then, in September 2015, Ford had sold its remaining shares in Mazda after it had sunk to a little over 2% due to stock dilution. This was after Ford Motor Company had acquired a 24.5% stake in Mazda in 1979 and upped it to 33.4% in May 1995. The cooperation that began in 1971 encouraged a lot of joint projects between the two companies.

This partnership enabled Mazda engineer and produce the Mazda Millenia, Mada3, and the Mazda6.

Interesting facts and Awards

In 2014, a school teacher unknowingly purchased the 10 millionth Mazda sold in the US, which is the 2013 Mazda3 Touring 5-door. Mazda bought back the vehicle from the teacher for its collection and rewarded her with a New 2014-Mazda3 S Grand Touring 5-door.

On April 22, 2016, Mazda built the 1 millionth MX-5—a right-handed drive soft-top model. About 13,000 lucky fans had the opportunity to sign it as the vehicle toured the world.


Mazda has a straight framework concept and continuous ring structures of its body design. The result of this concept is a more pleasing driving experience and a more natural and consistent vehicle behavior of the Mazda3.

The Mazda3 suspension system utilizes the MacPherson struts. This is a type of automotive suspension system that uses the top of a telescopic damper as the upper steering pivot. Though it is new, it is a widely used suspension system.

This system offers such controllability that meets the driver’s expectations. It realizes handling stability that makes the driving experience natural and comfortable.

The Mazda3 also known as Mazda Axela in Japan, a compact car produced in Japan. It was introduced in 2003 as a 2004 model, which is a combo of “acceleration” and “excellence.” There are other variations such as the Mazdaspeed3 in North America, Mazda3 MPS in Europe, and Mazdaspeed Axela in Japan.

The year 2008 saw the 2009-model second-generation Mazda3. The sedan’s first public presentation took place at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the hatchback at the Bologna Motor Show. Mazda began releasing the Mazda3 with its newly developed SkyActiv technology. The new tech is a new direct-injection engine and 6-speed transmission.

Mazda3 third generation was also introduced in 2013 as a 2014 model, and the 2019 model year version was released in November 2018. This was at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the ASEAN premiere at the Singapore Motor Show. Interestingly, the Mazda3 comes with the latest technology of the newly developed SkyActiv engine, including the latest SkyActiv-X, SkyActiv-G, and SkyActiv-D engines.

What is special about the Mazda3

Rather than maximizing each individual system, Mazda focuses on how the complete Mazda3 vehicle feels and performs. Their implementation of Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture has resulted in the creation of a car that is as much fun to drive.

Mazda has made it their goal to make sure that the driver of the Mazda3 has the most natural view possible while driving. The seats in the Mazda3 are built to keep the pelvis firmly supported in an upright position. This enables the passenger’s spine to maintain a natural S-shaped curve.

The sitting posture is the same position as the one assumed when the passenger walks. By moving the pelvis and spine to maintain balance, the body absorbs inputs from the road surface and stabilizes the head.


This post has provided you with the prices of Mazda3 in South Africa. We have also brought you a bit of the history of the company as well as why the Mazda3 is special.