List of Nursing Colleges in Cape Town

Nurses are healthcare professionals who have acquired training in dispensing treatment and medicines to patients. They also help to provide health tips to individuals while providing care to patients admitted to hospitals.

Cape Town is one of the biggest cities in South Africa. Because of this, you can expect that there will be quite a number of nursing colleges. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top nursing colleges in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nursing Colleges in Cape Town

List of Nursing Colleges in Cape Town

Carinus Nursing College

This nursing college is located in Western Cape. It is regarded as one of the best-equipped nursing schools in the country. Their laboratory is equipped to standard for academic research and other important programs.

Carinus College also offers both online and distant learning services to students within and outside South Africa. Several researchers visit the school to carry out scientific investigation and research. There are several other undergraduate programs asides from nursing and studies are open to qualified candidates from different parts of the world.

Oasis Nursing School

Oasis nursing is a private nursing school situated at 59 George Street, Onverwacht, Cape Town, 7140, South Africa. The institution is also well-equipped to provide students with standard facilities to support their learning.

Some of the facilities in this institution include Oasis Care and Retirement Home, Oasis Rehabilitation Center, etc. This nursing school does not just offer training, it also offers medical services to people with health challenges in Cape Town.

Wynberg Training School for Nurses, Victoria Hospital

This is undoubtedly one of the best nursing schools in the whole of Cape Town. If you are in search of an institution where you can get the best training in nursing, this is one of them. It is an offshoot of Victoria Hospital located in Cape Town.

Here, up-to-date facilities are made available to students to make them top nurses in the industry. Several levels of nurses are trained here using the prescribed curriculum for nurses in South Africa. Truly, Wynberg Training School for Nurses leaves no stone unturned as regards imparting knowledge to its students.

Western Cape College of Nursing

This nursing school is located on Klipfontein Road, Heideveld, Cape Town. One thing you should realize is that many of the private nursing schools in South Africa are based in Cape Town.

There is a lot more to nursing than just caring for sick patients. This is one of the key values being taught at the Western Cape College of Nursing. The college teaches the core values of the nursing profession to ensure that graduates understand and display the required level of professionalism.

Helderberg College

This is another private nursing school that also provides different levels of higher education to its students. It is located in Somerset West which is not too far from Cape Town’s metropolis.

Being established in 1893, Helderberg is one of the oldest nursing colleges in South Africa. Currently, the school is led by a president by the name Vincent Injety. This institution has the motto “Alus Prodesse Discimus” which is translated as “We learn to serve others.”

Kingsway College

This college does not train nurses alone, community health workers at different levels are trained. These individuals get better informed and equipped to deliver standard services in the most reputable manner.

This is one of the most unique nursing institutions in South Africa. Here global standards are upheld which helps nurses and other health workers avoid carrying out unethical practices. Nursing is a very sensitive profession and mistakes could lead to the loss of lives. This is why educational standards cannot be compromised.

Kingsway provides quite a number of programs for health workers and these include:

  • Short courses in Nursing
  • Ancillary health care
  • Home-based care (3 months duration)
  • HIV and AIDS Program (also 3 months duration)
  • Life skills course (This is provided to improve nurses and better equip them to handle critical life situations while at work. It lasts for a month.)
  • Child care (Child Minder/Creche Assistant Course. This course equips caregivers and other learners on the skills needed to care for kids in the home or in a crèche/daycare. This program lasts for 3 months.)

Abbotts College Century City

Abbotts College was established in 1971 with a single campus. Today, it has grown to one of the largest nursing colleges in South Africa having six campuses scattered around Gauteng. It is also privately owned and easily ranks among the best private schools in South Africa.

One thing is clear about Abbotts College, the chase after excellence never stops. Students at this institution are known to be excellent both within and outside the campus. Over the years, nurses from this institution have displayed a high level of professionalism.

This institution is known for having one of the most comfortable learning environments coated in serenity. All of this along with the right facilities make it easy for students to learn with ease. Lecturers here are also very competent and highly qualified and ready to deliver and impart knowledge.

Healthnicon Nursing College

We cannot complete this list of nursing schools in Cape Town without mentioning Healthnicon Nursing College. It is easily one of the best in the city even though it was only established in 1995. The South African Nursing Council (SANC) recognizes this institution for being excellent in all ramifications.

The learning environment is serene and conducive for students to learn and teachers are diligent and highly skilled. Healthnicon offers quite a number of programs for nurses including:

  • Pediatric short course
  • Palliative short course
  • Short courses covering different aspects of healthcare for nurses within the community.

Depending on the timeframe, students are accepted for different courses from different parts of the country. This institution has produced some of the best and most efficient nurses to work in South Africa and beyond.


We hope our list of nursing colleges in Cape Town has helped you. If there are any we didn’t mention, why not share them with us in the comments section?