G63 Prices in South Africa (2020)


What is not to love about the G63? This is a classy vehicle manufactured by one of the biggest car companies in the world, Mercedes Benz. We all know that cars by this company are always top-notch.

No wonder so many people in South Africa are in search of information about the G63, especially its prices. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of the G63 in South Africa as well as other important pieces of information.

It promises to be an interesting read so let’s get straight to the crux of this post.

Prices of the G63 in South Africa

G63 Prices in South Africa

The new G63 is available in South Africa and you can get one from R 2.6 million. This car is very expensive and it is understandable considering that it was just introduced to the market in 2019.

At this point, the previously owned version is very costly and the prices depend on the seller. In fact, a previously used G63 is very difficult to come by in South Africa for now.

Overview of the G63

You have probably heard about the G-Class range of cars by Mercedes Benz. The G63 is one of them and it was introduced into the market in 2019. This car pushes the edges of the premium performance of Benz cars. It mixes this with exclusive styling on both the interior and exterior.

The G-Wagon just got redesigned after several decades. Despite this fact, the company was still able to maintain the iconic design of the G-Wagon howbeit, evolving it a bit.

Engines, Handling, and Ride

One of the peculiarities of this car is the off-road capability, it is incredible. However, what stands it out the most is the powerful 4.0 liter twin-turbo V-8 engine. This engine produces 577 horsepower and up to 627 pounds/feet of torque.

It will interest you to know that the car has a nine-speed auto gearbox. The steering wheel is mounted with paddle shifters that powers up the all-wheel-drive system. This ensures better acceleration and handling, especially with respect to rear traction.

If you are looking for a very fast car, then this should be on your list as it hits 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. It is clear that the G63 is laden with lots of extra power, this is supported by specific AMG treatments. Among these treatments include transmission and suspension tuning.

The Interior

A lot has been done to improve the interior of the G63 which can be noticed in the different added features. The first thing you would notice is the flared fenders, big wheels, and side exhaust pipes.

Looking at the G63 it is glaring that the changes have made it aggressively luxurious, many of which are very fanciful. The materials used are of premium quality while the gadgets used of high-tech in nature.

Noise is almost not heard in the cabin with the new vibration and noise isolation features added. There is also more space for passengers to enjoy than previous generations of the car. It is expected that a lot more will be put into improving the following versions of the G63.

A few things to know about the G63

  • It gives a magical driving experience. Considering the fact that the G63 shares a lot of similarity in appearance with its predecessors, its driving experience is magical. When navigating corners, this car doesn’t handle, it actually carves out the corners. Many drivers have rated the experience as unreal as it seems the car is beating the laws that govern science and physics.
  • Off-road driving is just as magical. Yes, the G63 gives a magical experience on the road, yet, the off-road experience is nothing short of pure magic. This is probably because of the bigger wheels. You can choose between 21-inches or 22-inches, both are available and can work on all terrains.
  • Bullbars are the standard. All the G-Class vehicles from Mercedes Benz produces in 2019 come with bull bars, including the G63. The bars on the G63 goes around the lower part of the grilles. In the G63, the bars do not interfere with the camera system which is a problem with the G550.
  • Cup holders. For the first time, a car in the G-Class range has cup holders. It is understandable since these cars only got to the US in 2002 and we all know the people in this country for their big gulps. There are two cup holders ahead of the gear selector and two in the front as well.
  • The interior is mind-blowing. If you are turned on by interiors, this one will set you on fire. Even though the car looks aggressive on the outside, it is very plush on the inside. The door panels and seats are adorned with quilted leather. While there’s some real metal in different parts of the cabin, there is real wood on the grab handle. Let’s not forget the plastic that resembles brushed aluminum covering the air vents and some other parts of the dashboard.
  • It’s a vault. Three key features were infused into the new G63 from what we now refer to as the old G-Class. These include spare wheel cover, door locks, and headlamp washers. Of the three, people care most about the door locks. You’d actually hear a loud click when you unlock the doors and they rotate open. Every single sound made when you lock or open the doors of the G63 gives the amazing feeling of opening a vault.
  • Side pipes. One of the most intriguing things about the G63 is the location of the exhaust pipes, at the side. Among all the G-Class cars, only the G63 has its side pipes very visible. The reason for this is ground clearance which is great considering the speed of the car.
  • This car isn’t cheap. We have already told you this earlier, but we just have to say it again. The G63 is not cheap and it is expected considering its features and the manufacturer.

Where to buy the G63 in South Africa

If you want a new G63, you can get one from the official Mercedes Benz South Africa website. Here, you can order the car online or find an accredited dealer closest to you. To find a used G63, visit any of the websites of the car vendors in South Africa.


In this post, we have shown you how much the G63 costs in South Africa and why you should love this car. Though the car is expensive, it provides the driver with amazing driving experience.