G-Shock Watch Prices in South Africa (2020)


Literally, thousands of G-Shocks have been meeting since 1983, hence it is difficult to know where to start when you want to buy a G-Shock. There are abundant types of G-Shocks manufactured to meet your different tastes and needs. Whether you going for swimming, diving, work, and any other kind of leisure, varies a G-Shock for you.

The best G-Shock watches available in South Africa

G-Shock Watch prices in ghana

Let’s look at some of the five best G-shocks.

  • The G-Shock Frogman. The functions of these G-Shocks are very ocean-based. Some of its functionalities are that it has a tough solar power and shock-resistant. In fact, it is ISO-rated to 200 m of water-resistant. It comes with a backlight and the whopping 31 time zones. These are just the tip of the iceberg with this watch. The only downside with the G-Shock Frogman is that it has remained highly expensive, almost over $500.
  • G-Shock DW-5600. This is easily the most wearable G-Shocks compared to others. It can also be known as a small but mighty because it packs all the functionality of any other G-Shock. Shock resistant and 200 m water-resistant rating. It has alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch, it also comes with an auto-calendar. The best thing about the DW-5000, also known as E1V, is it is priced at about $40.
  • G-Shock DW-6600. It was released in the 90s. This makes it one of the longest G-Shocks in production and one of the most popular. It is NASA certified. It has very comfortable and intuitive buttons especially the one that activates the backlight.
  • G-Shock GX56BB-1 King. This particular model flaunts a beastly look. It is durable, tough and efficient. It comes with top solar power, 200 m water-resistant rating. It also has a backlight and an efficient afterglow. Other interesting features are world time which comes with 31 time zones, daylight saving time and city code display. It has four alarms and an hourly time signal. These tones of features make it known as King G-Shock.
  • G-Shock Mudmaster GUG-1000-1A3. It has a 200 m resistant rating, mud resistant, and shock-resistant. It comes with so many features that it requires a menu and the mouse to scroll. It has an exceptionally accurate digital compass, a thermometer, world time, stopwatch, countdown timers. Amazingly it has the auto-calendar up to 2099 and is expected to switch automatically.

There are different types and prices of G-Shocks in South Africa

Model Price
G-Shock Mudmaster Solar Powered – GSG-100-1ADR R5,949.00
G-Shock AW-591-2ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A5DR R6,714.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1ADR R6,714.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3DR R6,319.00


Retro Series

G shock is been around since 1957. Their retro series is a re-known series.

Unisex Retro A168WGG-1ADF
Unisex Retro A168WGG-1BDF R1,232.00
Standard Collection W-217HM-7BVDF R1,232.00
Standard Collection W-217HM-9AVDF R509.00
Unisex Retro A168WGG-1ADF R509.00
Standard Collection W-217H-9AVDF R1,232.00
Standard Collection W-217HM-5AVDF R467.00
Retro AQ230A-7B R509.00
Retro AQ230A-7D R807.00
Retro A500WGA-1DF R807.00
Unisex Retro A500WGA-9DF R1,529.00
Unisex Retro A159WGEA-1DF R1,529.00
Unisex Retro A159WA-N1DF R1,274.00
Unisex Retro B640WD-1AVDF R679.00
Unisex Retro A178WGA-1ADF R679.00
Unisex Retro A178WA-1AUDF R1,019.00
Unisex Retro A158WA-1Q R594.00
AW-49HE-7AV R594.00
AW-90H-7BVDF R552.00
Unisex Retro A168WEGC-3DF R637.00
Unisex Retro A168WG-9WDF R1,189.00
Unisex Retro AQ230GA-9BM R1,147.00
Unisex Retro A168WA-1UWD R1,104.00
Unisex Retro F91W R679.00
Unisex Retro F105W R382.00
Unisex Retro B640WB-1ADF R509.00
Unisex Retro AQ230A-1DMQ R1,232.00
Unisex Retro AQ230GA-9D R807.00
Standard Collection AW-49HE-1AVUDF R1,104.00
Unisex Retro B650WD-1ADF R552.00
Unisex Retro B650WB-1BDF R764.00
Unisex Retro B650WC-5ADF R1,274.00
Unisex Retro A168WEGB-1BDF R1,274.00
Unisex Retro A168WEM-2DF R1,529.00
Unisex Retro A168WEGM-9DF R1,147.00
Unisex Retro B640WC-5ADF R1,869.00
AW-90H-9EVDF R1,232.00
Standard Collection W-217H-1AVDF R637.00
Retro A500WA-7DF R467.00
Unisex Retro A159WGED-1DF R849.00
Unisex Retro A168WECM-5DF R1,614.00


G-Shock (Tough)

G shock watches are renowned for their toughness all over the world. The Tough Series are all 200-meter water-resistant with shock protection.

G-Shock – GA-140-4ADR R2,549.00
G-Shock – GA-140-1A4DR R2,549.00
G-Shock DW-5600CMB-1DR R1,529.00
G-Shock – GA-140BMC-1ADR R2,549.00
G-Shock – GA-140-1A1DR R2,549.00
G-Shock Quad Sensor Mudmaster – GG-B100-1A9DR R7,199.00
G-Shock Quad Sensor Mudmaster – GG-B100-1A3DR R7,649.00
G-Shock Quad Sensor Mudmaster – GG-B100-1ADR R7,119.00
G-Shock G2900F-1V R2,124.00
G-Shock G-9100-1DR R2,549.00
G-Shock Carbon Core – GA-2100-4ADR R2,464.00
G-Shock and Baby-G Lovers Collection – LOV-18B-4DR R4,159.00
G-SHOCK GA-110-1ADR R2,294.00
G-SHOCK GA-100-1A1DR R1,759.00
G-SHOCK GA-100-1A2DR R1,759.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000-1A3DR R13,874.00
G-SHOCK GA-100B-4ADR R2,209.00
G-SHOCK GA-100CF-1A9DR R2,209.00
G-SHOCK GA-100CF-8ADR R2,209.00
G-SHOCK MUDMAN G-9300-1DR R4,239.00
G-Shock GD-120CM-5DR R1,869.00
G-Shock GD-120CM-8DR R1,869.00
G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000B-1BDR R9,374.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000-1ADR R13,499.00
G-Shock G-Steel GST-S110D-1ADR R7,199.00
G-SHOCK AW-590-1ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock AW-591-2ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock G-7900-1DR R1,529.00
G-Shock G-7900-1DR R1,529.00
G-Shock DW-5600E-1VDF R1,529.00
G-Shock G-Steel GST-S110-1ADR R5,949.00
G-Shock Mudman G-9000-1VDR R2,294.00
G-Shock G-9000-3VDR R2,294.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3DR R6,319.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1ADR R6,714.00
G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A5DR R6,714.00
G-Shock G-7900-3DR R1,529.00
G-Shock G-100BB-1ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock GA-110HR-1ADR R2,294.00
G-Shock GA-700-1ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock GA-700-1BDR R1,869.00
G-Shock GA-700-4ADR R1,869.00
G-Shock GA-700-7ADR R2,294.00
G-Shock GD-350-1BDR R1,869.00
G-Shock GA-800-4ADR R2,039.00
G-Shock DW-9052GBX-1A4DR R1,529.00
G-Shock DW-5750E-1DR R1,869.00
G-Shock Mudmaster Solar Powered – GSG-100-1A3DR R1,869.00
G-Shock Mudmaster Solar Powered – GSG-100-1ADR R2,039.00


Baby-G (Tough Series)

Baby-G – MSG-S200G-5ADR R3,679.00
Baby-G – MSG-S200G-4ADR R3,909.00
Baby-G – BGA-230-1BDR R2,294.00
Baby-G – BGA-153-1BDR R1,954.00
Baby-G – BGA-260-7ADR R2,294.00
Baby-G – BGA-260-3ADR R2,294.00s
Baby-G – BGA-260-1ADR R2,294.00
G-Shock and Baby-G Lovers Collection – LOV-18B-4DR R4,159.00
Baby-G BG-169R-1DR R1,954.00
Baby-G BA-110BC-1ADR R1,869.00
Baby-G BA-110BE-7ADR R1,869.00
Baby-G BA-110GA-1ADR R2,209.00
Baby-G BGD-560-7DR R1,869.00
Baby-G MSG-S200G-1ADR R3,824.00
Baby-G BG-169R-3DR R1,954.00
Baby-G G-Squad BSA-B100-2ADR R2,804.00
Baby-G G-Squad BSA-B100-4A1DR R2,804.00
Baby-G G-Squad BSA-B100-4A2DR R2,804.00
Baby-G BG-169R-8BDR R1,954.00
Baby-G G-Squad BSA-B100-4A1DR R2,804.00
Baby-G BG-169M-1DR R1,869.00
Baby-G BG-169M-4DR R1,869.00
Baby-G G-Lide BAX-100-3ADR R2,209.00
Baby-G G-Lide BAX-100-7ADR R2,209.00
Baby-G G-Lide BLX-570-1DR R1,954.00
Baby-G G-Lide BLX-570-7DR R1,954.00


Edifice (Dress)

The edifice is a G-Shocks product line that has been designed with an active lifestyle in mind. It is a high-performance sport and a range that combines contemporary style with water resistance up to a hundred meters on all its models. It offers a 10-year battery life and a tour of solar technology.

Edifice – EFV-590D-1AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice – EFV-590L-1AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFR-539D-1A2VUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFR-552GL-2AVUDF R2,974.00
Edifice EFR-552D-1AVUDF R2,379.00
Edifice EFR-552D-1A2VUDF R1,954.00
Edifice EFV-550D-7AVUDF R2,209.00
Edifice EFV-550D-2AVUDF R2,379.00
Edifice EFV-550D-1AVUDF R2,379.00
Edifice EFR-556DB-1AVUDF R2,549.00
Edifice EFR-556DB-2AVUDF R2,549.00
Edifice EFV-530D-2AVUDF R1,869.00
Edifice EFV-570D-1AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFV-570D-2AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFV-570P-1AVUDF R2,379.00
Edifice EFR-554D-1A9VUDF R2,549.00
Edifice EFR-552D-1A3VUDF R1,869.00
Edifice EFV-530DB-2AVUDF R2,039.00
Edifice EFV-120BL-1AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFV-120DB-2AVUDF R2,464.00
Edifice EFV-120DB-1AVUDF R2,464.00


Where to buy G-Shock watches in South Africa

You can visit The Casio Shop in South Africa at:

Unit 501, 5th Floor, The Point
76 Regent Road, Cape Town


We have shown you the different models of G-Shock and their great features. You can visit the G-Shock Website here.