Ferrari 458 Price in South Africa


Let’s face the fact, not so many people will be interested in reading about the Ferrari 458. The cost of this car is the major reason for this. However, we cannot deny the fact that this car is an amazing investment if you can pay for it.

Are you in the market for one or do you just want to know about the price of the care in South Africa? If your answer to this question is yes, then you just picked the right article. We will also provide you other pieces of information about the Ferrari 458.

Ferrari 458 Price in South Africa

Price of the Ferrari 458 in South Africa

This vehicle is created for the high-end market. Even the older versions are costly but considering that it is in the league of supercars, it is understandable.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale A currently costs about R5 445 000 in South Africa. This is 17% costlier than the Speciale which costs R4 654 000.

If you want to buy a previously owned version of the car, you can get it for a bit less. This depends on the seller and the vehicle’s condition. Let’s learn a little more about the Ferrari 458.

A brief history

The Ferrari 458 Italia first emerged from the gates of the Ferrari factory in 2009. This car was designed to replace the F430. We can trace the history of the 458 back to the 1960s when Enzo Ferrari’s son introduced the concept of “junior Ferrari.” The concept of at the time was the introduction of a series of mid-engined vehicles to the Ferrari brand.

Several cars have been produced under this line and the 458 is the ninth of such models. Even though the car has a slender exterior, it loaded with top-notch technology any driver would love. From its 4.5-liter V8 engine which can hit 124 mph in a little over 10 seconds to its top speed of 202 mph. What’s not to look forward to about the Ferrari 458?


The engine of the Ferrari 458 is very reliable and hardly ever encounters any issues. Because of this, you are sure that you aren’t spending excessively on the car. It can be difficult for a novice to locate electronic niggles. So we advise that you visit a proper diagnostic workshop when any issues arise.

If you have wondered why this car remains in the circle of dealers, there lies your reason. Nevertheless, the value of this car hasn’t waned the slightest bit. To ensure that buyers get the best of this vehicle, Ferrari introduced a service program spanning 7-years. This covers the exchange of ownership within the specified seven years as long as the odometer doesn’t read beyond 56,000.


The 458 has a Getrag-built twin-clutch system which is a revised version of that found in the Ferrari California. It comes with recalibrated shifts and shorter gearing. The transmission system is sturdy and comes with very few problems which is why most people regard it as a power plant.

This is not to say that a few owners haven’t complained about glitches with the clutch. However, with a simple fix, the clutch is back to normal. Among these fixes are resetting the sensors regarding clutch positioning and software updates. It is recommended that owners do this frequently because a new clutch kit costs a fortune.

Interior and comfort

This is one of the most important factors any buyer looks out for before buying a car. The firm suspension of the 458 has proven to very reliable, being able to soak up pressure from bumps. This car is very comfortable, more comfortable than most people think.

The secret of the firm suspension is adaptability. It is able to automatically adjust to all manner of situations, whether aggressive or relaxed. It is also able to work perfectly on a variety of road surfaces.

When you take a gaze at the interior, you will notice that it is a piece of art. The seats are adjustable with lots of comfort and support. One of the major pluses is the fact that even the tallest occupants will enjoy lots of legroom.

Boot space and practicality

Considering the fact that this vehicle has just two doors, practicality is not so much of a priority. As soon as a passenger sits inside the vehicle cabin, it becomes clear to them that the stereo and heating controls face the driver. This makes it almost impossible for the passenger to have any control.

Beneath the bonnet at the front is a small boot and extra storage space just behind the seats. However, this storage only suits soft bags. There is an indicator switch on the car steering which needs some getting used to.

Safety and reliability

Everything about the Ferrari 458 oozes quality. A lot of precision is put into building modern Ferraris, especially with Formula One engineering. For this reason, these cars are very reliable.

Initially, there were challenges with the quality however, with a complete recall, there have been 100% improvements. There are airbags for both the driver and passenger to provide safety in the event of a crash.

Advanced traction control and hi-tech E-Diff system ensure proper management of the huge power in the engine. Even under the worst driving conditions, the anti-lock brakes this car is able to stay on the road.

Pros of the Ferrari 458

These are the pros of the Ferrari 458:

  1. It has a stunning design.
  2. Designed with luxury and exclusivity.
  3. The V8 engine is known for its amazing performance.

Cons of the Ferrari 458

No matter how perfect you think a car is, it has a few cons. Here are the cons of the Ferrari 458:

  1. It is very costly to buy and maintain.
  2. Expensive servicing.
  3. The cars are scarce and it may take up to two years to get one from the company.


We have shown you information about the Ferrari 458 as well as its price in South Africa. You can visit any of the dealerships in South Africa to get a new or previously-owned Ferrari 458.