Egg Farms in South Africa


Here’s a basic fact that we can guess you know already, Africans love to eat eggs. Eggs are among the highest-selling poultry products in South Africa. This is why there are so many egg farms in the country.

In this post, we take a look at egg farming in South Africa, how to start, identifying the target market, and existing farms. If you are ready, let’s get straight to the crux of this post.

A brief overview of egg farming in South Africa

Egg Farms in South Africa

Eggs have always been in high demand because they are renowned as a key ingredient for many dishes. We eat eggs in our meals almost every day in one way or the other. Many people refer to egg farming as poultry farming. This is not completely correct because it is just one of the products of poultry farming.

The beauty of egg farming is that it requires very little labor input. All you need to do most times is serve your birds feed and water and pick up eggs when you find any. Afterward, you only have to package your eggs and find the market to sell your products. These facts show that starting an egg farm isn’t one of the most difficult things to do.

Before diving into egg farming in South Africa, you must be abreast of certain information. These pieces of information will help you make certain decisions necessary to help your business grow. Some of the key decisions you need to make include:

  • The size of your farm in terms of the number of birds and the targeted number of eggs per day.
  • The location of your farm.
  • Your target market.

As you will expect, the number of birds on your farm depends on how much capital you can raise. The capital at your disposal will also determine the size of land you will be able to acquire. Your target market is not in your power to decide, your decision, in this case, is the strategy to reach the market.

Another thing you must understand is finding a supplier for a great variety of birds to lay eggs on your farm. You also need to learn from existing egg farm operators so that you don’t make avoidable mistakes.

Existing Egg Farms in South Africa

Even though many people say that experience is the best teacher, it is clear that it is better to learn from the experiences of others. There are several egg farms in South Africa from which you can learn your business. You can also get eggs and layer chicks from these farms. Here is a list of some of the biggest egg farms in South Africa today:

  1. Trevton Eggs

Contact number – +27 82 884 4667

  1. Sunrise Eggs Poultry Farm

Contact number – +27 43 737 4044

  1. Eggbert Eggs

Contact number – +27 87 940 2025

  1. Weldhagen Eggs (Pty) Ltd. (Warehouse Wholesaler)

Contact number – +27 12 819 8000

  1. Wohlfahrt Eggs

Contact number – +27 87 808 1611

  1. Nu Dawn Eggs Farm – Rise & Shine
  2. Eikenhof Poultry Farms (Pty) Ltd.

Contact number – +27 21 975 0150

  1. Golden Yolk Eggs

Contact number – +27 21 869 8294

  1. Sapuma Eggs CC

Contact number – +27 32 941 5080

  1. Beaver Poultry Farm

Contact number – +2783 452 4808

  1. Thabane Eggs (Pty) Ltd.

Contact number – +27 11 952 8002

  1. Midlands Eggs

Contact number – +27 33 320 1003

  1. Egg Depot – Wonderboom

Contact number – +27 12 819 8002

  1. Nulaid Pty Ltd.

Contact number – +27 11 790 4700

  1. Pinerow Poultry Farm

Contact number – +27 11 979 1921

  1. Lindsay Eggs

Contact number – +27 11 979 1921

  1. Egg Depot – Tshwane Fresh Produce Market

Contact number – +27 12 328 4492

  1. Morningside Farm Eggs

Contact number – +27 44 873 5792

  1. Red Barn Free Range Farm Food

Contact number – +27 44 876 0014

  1. Queen’s Eggs

Contact number – +27 72 555 0525

What you need to start an egg farm in South Africa

Like we have stated earlier, starting an egg farm in South Africa is not so difficult. We have explained below some things you need.

Farm Land

You cannot run an egg farm without acquiring land. They can be purchased or leased, it doesn’t matter. It is on the farmland that you will construct housing for your birds as well as other required structures.

You should be very strategic in choosing the location of your farm. This means the farm should be close to the source of food and water, the market, and cheap labor. The size of your farmland is dependent on your capital and the scale of your business.

Housing and equipment

These are based on the production system to desire to work with. The two popular systems are cage system and deep litter system. In the deep litter system, the birds are allowed to roam on the flood in an enclosed space. The floor, in this case, is covered with wood shavings or straw. With the cage system, the birds are placed inside cages all through their productive life.

Some of the equipment needed for egg farming include:

  • Feeders
  • Drinkers
  • Nestboxes
  • Layer cages (in the case of cage system)
  • Egg trays

Layer chicks or point of lay hens

You can decide to begin your farm with layer chicks which means you will be raising the birds for about 19 weeks before their first lay. On the other hand, you can start with the point of lay birds which begin laying immediately. The difference is that the latter are more expensive to purchase but you start making money immediately.

However, we advise that you go for layer chicks. This way, you can vouch for their development process which will tell on egg production later.


Once you have the above, every other thing is secondary. We have shown you a list of egg farms that you can visit to learn more about this business. The bottom line is that it is quite easy to start an egg farm in South Africa and there is a huge market for your products.