Cost of IVF in South Africa (2020)


IVF is a major breakthrough in medicine that has brought smiles to many faces. In case you are wondering what IVF stands for, it is an acronym for In Vitro Fertilization.

Many people who have benefitted or who look to benefitting from IVF see it as a priceless opportunity. While it brings so many dreams to reality, it is a very costly process anywhere in the world.

Cost of IVF in South Africa

In South Africa, the costs may vary among couples and it all depends on certain factors. This post will provide you information regarding the cost of IVF in South Africa, as well as other pieces of important information.

Factors affecting IVF treatments

Just like anywhere in the world, there are a number of factors that affect receiving IVF treatment in South Africa. These factors determine how much a couple will pay for the process. No two patients are the same thus, each patient requires testing to know their specific treatment needs.

While it is very easy and straight to the point to get the diagnosis for some patients, it may take multiple sessions for some others. This is why the initial sessions with the specialist are crucial. The success of the rest of the process is highly dependent on the accuracy of the initial diagnosis.

This makes it paramount that the couple makes contact with a certified specialist during the first appointment. During this appointment issues like medical history and a workup of infertility, levels will be carried out.

Along with these, the specialist will provide answers to all the questions bugging the couple to be treated. Below is a summary of what you are to expect on your first visit to the fertility specialist:

  • Study of medical history details.
  • Review of previous tests if any.
  • Physical examination.
  • Examination of the different treatment options.
  • Conducting of female blood tests.
  • Answers to questions
  • Additional testing if needed.
  • Evaluation of ovulation and the hormonal assessment of the woman’s egg quality.
  • Assessing sperm parameters and quality.
  • Uterine health assessment.
  • Development of a customized fertility plan.

Cost of IVF in South Africa

When you consider all that has been stated above, then you know that the process would cost a fortune. In most IVF hospitals, the initial consultation costs about R 2,200. Usually, this fee does not cover the tests that will be carried out.

Depending on the unique circumstances of the couple, the number of tests may be higher or lower. The specialist may order for extra tests to be carried out depending on the prevalent situation.

Below is a basic breakdown of what you should expect with respect to the price of IVF in South Africa.

  • Female blood tests – R 4,035 ( it could be more or less, depending on the number of tests)
  • Male blood tests – R 4,035 ( it could be more or less, depending on the number of tests)
  • Semen analysis – R 1,798

In the same manner, personalized procedures to handle unique protocol will be dependent on the individual treatment plan of the couple. Find the costs of some of the procedures below:

  • Intrauterine Insemination / IUI / AI Husband: R7,570
  • Husband Sperm Wash: R1,683
  • Intrauterine Insemination / IUI / AI Donor: R13,921
  • Low Dose IVF Treatment: ± R61,984
  • Low Dose ICSI Treatment: ± R73,418
  • IVF Treatment: ± R74,492
  • IVF/ICSI Treatment: ± R91,672
  • Egg Freezing Program: ± R55,416

Medication for IVF procedures

Each of the procedures stated above has its specific medications as well as fertility injections. Just like the cost, the medications usually vary from patient to patient.

General Procedures involved in IVF

The procedures stated above are usually unique to certain patients depending on their specific needs. However, the basic stages of IVF will be stated in this section of this post. There are five stages that you must undergo before the IVF treatment is complete.

In essence, it is important that you get ready for these stages at least a month before you begin the treatment. These stages include:

  • Stage 1: Ovarian stimulation and monitoring
  • Stage 2: Egg (oocyte) retrieval
  • Stage 3: Fertilization and Embryo development
  • Stage 4: Embryo Transfer
  • Stage 5: Luteal phase support

The first four stages of the treatment take about three weeks.

Multiple IVF Treatment Cycles

You must have heard about the success rate of IVF. It has proven to be very successful in different parts of the world. Despite this fact, many couples require multiple cycles of treatment. This is another factor that could make the process more costly.

Women should note that to get the best results with IVF, they have to be in great emotional and physical shape.

Do medical aids handle IVF treatment costs?

There are a couple of medical aids in South Africa, however, they do not cover the costs for IVF treatments. Though they do not cover the costs for the first appointment, there is a chance they may pay for part of the treatment.

Some of the aspects of the treatment they are likely to pay for include:

  • blocked fallopian tubes
  • removal of cysts present in the womb
  • endometriosis treatments

All of these procedures are surgical. It is best to make inquiries from your medical aid to find out what costs they will cover. This will help in your planning for the process.

Do your research

Before you set out to begin your treatment, it is important that you carry out sufficient research. The major item you should find out is how much the treatment will cost you. Even though we have provided you some of the costs in this post, they are only estimated.

From this post, you must have learned that the process is unique for each patient. This means the cost is also unique. However, it is likely to fall within the range discussed in this post.


Now you know the cost of IVF treatment in South Africa. You can visit your physician to recommend an experienced IVF clinic and fertility specialist for your procedure. Ultimately, remember to be in great physical and emotional shape before your treatment for the best results.