Cost of Canadian Visa in South Africa


Have you ever pondered about seeing the dazzling setting of Niagara Falls? Or then again treat yourself to the “superbness” and experience accessible at the Glacier National Park in British Columbia. Canada is home to all that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

On the whole, you’ll have to sift through your visa. South African identification holders need a Guest Visa to enter Canada. While there are Canadian government offices, departments, and exchange workplaces all through South Africa. You should make your applications at the Visa Application Centers (VACs) in Pretoria and Cape Town.

Continuously apply for the guest visa at any rate for 30 days at affordable prices before your takeoff date. Ensure that you check your qualification before you start the application procedure and present your application a long time before your flight takeoff.

Cost of Canadian Visa in South Africa

Cost of Canadian Visa in South Africa

If you don’t mind observe that this procedure applies to South African visa holders.

  • Canada Visa Prerequisites

  1. Photocopy of the data page of your substantial visa, including the identification number, issue.

And expiry dates, your photograph, name, date, and spot of birth

  1. Confirmation of money related help
  2. Photocopy of your marriage permit/declaration (if pertinent)
  3. Motivation behind movement
  4. Minors voyaging alone or with one parent must have care records.

A letter of approval from the other non-going with parent/a letter of approval marked by the two guardians or lawful watchmen

  • Super Visa Prerequisites:

  1. A letter of greeting from your youngster or grandkid living in Canada as a perpetual inhabitant or Canadian resident .

You should likewise have data on your host kid or host grandkid’s family piece dependents.

Including life partner, kids, or different family members monetarily reliant on your host kid or host grandkid).

  1. One of the following reports to demonstrate that your youngster or grandkid meets the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) least:
  • The latest duplicate of the Notification of Evaluation.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have a printed version of a Notification of Evaluation on record.
  • You can print the government forms and other individual expense data utilizing the CRA’s My Record for People.
  • The latest duplicate of the T4 or T1 tax document
  • Unique letter from manager expressing title, expected set of responsibilities and pay
  • Work protection pay stubs
  • On the off chance that independently employed, a letter from a bookkeeper affirming their yearly income
  • Verification of different wellsprings of income (benefits articulation, speculations, and so on.)
  1. Proof of the parent or grandparent relationship to the Canadian resident or perpetual occupant you wish to visit.

That is (duplicate of birth declaration, baptismal authentication or other authority archive naming you as parent or grandparent).

  1. Evidence of private medicinal protection inclusion for at least one year with a Canadian insurance agency (duplicate of the protection endorsement or approach)
  • Travel Visa Necessities:

  1. Your unique identification
  2. Great quality photocopies of your present and past international IDs throughout the previous five years, which include:
  • Visas
  • Stamps
  • Your personal information (name, date of birth, identification number), including your photograph
  • The most effective method to Apply.
  1. Get your necessary archives and print others that are required for your application (see below for where to print).
  2. Download and print the application structure, complete it and set up it together with the remainder of your necessary archives.
  3. Visit one of the VACs (see below) to present your reports as a feature of your visa application.
  4. You should be prepared to pay for your visa application while applying.
  5. You will likewise need to pay the applicable charges for applying at a VAC.

In case you’re a first-time candidate, you should give biometrics.

You can do that when presenting your application.

VAC staff will watch that you’ve paid all the important charges before you can give your biometrics.

  1. After you apply, the VAC will check your application, and may furthermore require the following:
  • Go for a meeting with one of the VAC authorities
  • Send more data
  • Get a therapeutic test (if your visit is for over a half year)
  1. Make a point to mastermind a dispatch to guarantee your identification and visa will be sent to you.

Due to there being just two VACs in the nation, it’s shrewder to mastermind conveyance of your visa.

Also identification so you just need to visit your nearest VAC once.

  • Handling Time:

When you have presented your application and biometrics, you could have your Guest Visa inside about fourteen days.

  • Guest Visa – 14 working days
  • Super Visa – 87 working days
  • Travel Visa – Applications for the Travel Visa, as a rule, take half a month or less.

The preparing time relies upon the VAC, the volume of uses, and in the event that you have to finish any extra advances.

Canadian Visa Expenses

Your Canada visa can be very exorbitant, and can without much of a stretch expense around C$280 (R2900).

The following is a breakdown of the visa and administration charges.

Kindly note that charges are non-fundable and must be submitted with your application.

The guest visa and super visa will cost you $100 (R1047).

The travel visa is free.

Biometrics accounts cost $85 (R890)

  • Canadian Visa application fees at VAC:

Service charge for application handling -$51.71 (R542)

A self-administration work station for structure finish – $14.52 (R152)

Help with form culmination on self-administration work stations – $26.97 (R283)

Photocopy services – price per page -$0.21 (R3)

Photography service -$8.58 (R90)

Transmission of identification to consulate upon demand by visa office – $41.37 (R433)

Courier delivery -$18.34 (R192)

Courier early delivery -$19.21 (R201)

Courier overnight express -$14.58 (R153)

SMS services -$2.50 (R27)

GC Fee Collection and Remittance – $3.56 (R38)

  • Bottom Line:

While pondering on getting yourself a Canadian Visa in South Africa, make sure to visit the following addresses for information and easy application services:

  • Cape Town

Address: 5 floor,

30 Waterkant Street

Cape Town, Pretoria

  • Address: Cherry Lane Center,

1 Floor, 114 Fehrsen Street,

Nieuw Muckleneuk,

Brooklyn, Pretoria