Top 10 Career Websites in South Africa (2019)

Like many other countries in the world, South Africa is also working hard to create employment for its rising population. The custom was that job seekers had to physically visit job centres and scan the local papers for available job listings which made it difficult for them to leverage the vacancies from many companies across the country.

Top 10 Career Websites in South Africa

Thankfully, the internet has changed a lot of things including searching and applying for jobs. While there are thousands of recruitment websites on the internet, here are the top 10 career websites in South Africa.

career websites in south africa

Robert Walters

Headquartered in Sandton Johannesburg, Robert Walters is a professional recruitment agency. The agency recruits professionals from across the accounting, banking, engineering, sales & marketing, legal and IT fields. With its operations extending to over 24 countries worldwide, Robert Walters can easily be regarded as a global agency.

According to the company, its recruitment process is tailored towards employing professionals for permanent contract positions on behalf of its clients. Over 2,900 talented individuals have so far been recruited by the company for commercial corporations and financial institutions as well as businesses of all sizes including SMEs. As stated by its website, the agency aims to develop long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike.

Career Jet

Career Jet is a job search engine that uses a cluster of networked computers to scan the web and collate all the available jobs from all over South Africa. When job listings are identified, the website confirms their authenticity and adds the confirmed ones to the job index.

According to the site, it scans over 58,000 websites every day and curates available jobs from categories like healthcare, human resources, insurance, law enforcement and many others. The site is easy to use as a simple query for a specific job (using an industry or location) will produce tons of results, effectively increasing your chances of getting jobs.

Job Mail

Job Mail is another top career website that allows you to search for your preferred jobs from the over 10,000 listings on its site. For easy use, there are more than 50 jobs categories as well as an option of searching for opportunities in a specific region.

The website doesn’t just list the available jobs, it also displays the companies that are looking to hire professionals so users can see all the vacancies in a company and streamline their application to the specific ones they desire.  There’s also a blog section that provides tips to job seekers to help them maximise opportunities on the site, right from crafting their CV to passing interviews.

Best Jobs

To get the most out of this job portal, users are required to open an account before searching for jobs or posting job listings. Users can also edit their settings to get alerts when jobs are posted in a particular job category or in a region and can also remove it at any time when they feel they don’t need it. Best Jobs also removes outdated job listing periodically to make room for new ones and keep the listings fresh and up-to-date.


Career24 is a career platform in South Africa that specialises in finding and connecting people with their dream jobs by taking into consideration the factors set by both the job seekers and the employers.

The site allows users to browse job listings by region, city, sector and courses while also displaying the latest listings on the homepage. It also has sections where users can drop anonymous reviews of companies as well as where companies can list their vacancies for easy search by people who have specific places they’d like to work.


Pnet is one of the largest job portals in South Africa, catering to job placements in several industries like IT & Telecoms, Banking & Finance, Management Opportunities, Sales & Marketing, FMCG and healthcare, to mention a few.

The site aims to connect the most competent candidates from a pool of numerous individuals with companies looking to increase their work force. To that effect, there’s a “who is hiring” section which lists the major companies seeking potential employees as well as the requirements. Career seekers can also modify their account settings to alert them of new job postings.

Recruitment Direct

Like many other career websites, Recruitment Direct requires job seekers to sign up and upload their curriculum vitae to increase their chances of getting a job. By doing so, employers can easily browse through the CVs to find the specifications and skillset that matches what they’re looking for, allowing for a straightforward and swift process. Recruitment Direct is a well-built site that’s aesthetically pleasing, offering users ease of use via its simple interface.

Indeed is a jobs portal that gives room for local and international companies to lists job vacancies on the site and hire local staff that meet their qualification requirements.

The site also scans companies in South Africa and collects all the available listings, and then displays them for job seekers. Job seekers can boost their chances of getting hired by uploading their CV for free to increase their exposure.

All South Africa Jobs

All South Africa Jobs may not be the best career website or the most appealing site on the internet but it does offer a wide array of job listings so job seekers can find the perfect job according to their needs, dreams and skills.

Although job listings are placed on several places on the site, the location categories is the best place to look for a more comprehensive listing, especially for people who have a specific place in mind where they’d like to work.

Job Space

Jobs Space is a user-friendly website with a sleek design that’s easy to use. The portal allows users choose between using the site as a job seeker and an employer for a straightforward experience.

Users are to upload their CV on the website and receive job recommendations by email while also allowing the employers to also receive the application via email. Apart from the job search functionality, the site also provides valuable information on everything regarding getting hired through well-written articles.

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