9 Business Ideas in South Africa under R10,000

Everyone has a desire to make enough money to take care of their needs and become successful. We all look forward to becoming the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and really, it is possible.

Running your own business is one of the best ways to become successful and wealthy. The alarming rates of unemployment are on the rise as good and fulfilling jobs are becoming more difficult to come by.

One of the major problems with starting a new business is getting enough capital. Most people make this an excuse for not starting their new businesses. In this post, we will be showing you a couple of business ideas you can run in South Africa with less than R10,000.

business in south africa under R10,000

Business Ideas You Can Start with under R10,000 in South Africa

Here is a simple tip that will prove helpful in choosing a business idea. Always study an idea to be sure that it will produce high returns. If it doesn’t show that sort of promise, then it is not worth the trouble. You should also note that none of the business ideas in this post are get-rich-quick schemes. They’ll take a while to materialize but should get you some decent income in a few months of efficient operation.

1. Event planning

If you are really organized and you have a flair for events, then this should be a great idea for you. It is also perfect for a person who has the ability to meet up to deadlines and possesses great negotiation powers. You must also be able to communicate with people properly and have great interpersonal skills.

Event planning simply means helping individuals or organizations to handle their events from start to finish. To do this, you will need to find the vendors that will provide all the services required such as supplying drinks, decorating the venue, catering, ushering, photography, videography, etc. Some of the events include weddings, festivals, birthdays, funerals, etc.

Being a good planner, strict on deadlines, and having an eye for detail are perfect qualities for this business. You should make a lot of money running this business judiciously for a few months. The key to this is being able to negotiate with both clients and vendors.

2. Tutoring services

One of the most underrated businesses in South Africa is tutoring services. You can offer both academic and non-academic services especially if you are a graduate. There are so many graduates in the country in this twenty-first century. Due to this fact, there is so much competition with respect to dispensing knowledge.

You can seize this opportunity to make a decent income by honing your skills as a tutor. It lies in being a dispenser of knowledge, after all, knowledge is power, or in this case, money. There are so many students seeking tutorials in different courses like English, mathematics, physical sciences, and life sciences.

If you are good with languages, you can begin teaching languages. South Africa has a couple of languages which are hot on the market. There are also foreign languages like French and Spanish as well and they are in high demand. You can teach the local languages to the many foreigners coming into the country hoping to learn the local languages.

Now that you know this, you should find the best ways of publicizing your tutoring skills so you can get the best out of them.

3. Residential Cleaning Services

These days, South Africans are becoming more encumbered with their daily activities that they don’t have enough time to handle cleaning their homes and doing their chores. This has increased the demand for cleaning services making it one of the most sought after businesses in South Africa.

You don’t need to spend so much to start this business. All you need is a few supplies and being able to handle the different chores. The advantage of this business is that you can do this business part-time or fulltime, depending on your schedule.

Gradually begin to build your clientele by doing a little publicity. Publicity could be by word of mouth, printing a few fliers, and most of all using social media. To get involved with this business, acquire basic knowledge about home maintenance and care.

4. Delivery services

There are so many businesses that supply goods to different parts of the country and these businesses need the help of delivery services to reach their clients. You can take advantage of this demand to build a new business.

Part of the criteria to begin this business is being a good driver and knowing your way around your vicinity. You may decide to run your services within the city or to other provinces. The wider your reach, the more income you will get.

One of the things to put in mind is that you can’t afford to charge exorbitant prices and you must ensure to always deliver on time. This business is very competitive but there is still a chance of success, a huge one. Just be able to organize your business properly, get a vehicle for moving goods, and publicize your business extensively.

5. DJ services

This is a great idea if you are a lover of music, understand beats, and are able to mix songs. You should also have a flair for entertaining others and you could be making a fortune in a short while. There are several big names that gained fame in South Africa by being a DJ.

To make it in this business, you need to be ready to start from the bottom of the ladder. You’ll also need to be very patient and be quick to learn the ropes of the business. There are several apps that will you become a great DJ, find them out and learn them as well as you can.

Meet up with several entertainers and build a strong network around them. They will be the basis of your success as they will help connect you to gigs and give you a platform to grow. You also need to keep yourself abreast of the latest music in town.

6. Mowing services

It has become common for South Africans to leave their lawns unkempt because they are too busy to care for them. This is why mowing services have become high in demand these days. You can mix this with clearing the ice from the backyards of your clients.

So many families are in search of people to help with mowing their lawns and cleaning off the ice as well. When you combine both services, you could make quite a decent income daily, weekly, or monthly. Your payment will be dependent on how you desire to be paid.

To engage in this business, you must learn how to trim grass neatly and also get all the necessary equipment you need to deliver efficient services. Some of these include power mowers, trucks equipped with blades, and knowledge on fixing your equipment when they get faulty.

7. E-Commerce

E-Commerce is fast becoming the order of the day considering the advent of technology. There are so many online stores that people can make purchases from such as eBay, Ali Express, Ali Baba, and Amazon. Obviously, you cannot start your own store.

There are several ways to get involved in this kind of business. You could put up your own products on any of these sites and people from all over the world can begin patronizing. Another way is using social media to reach clients and advertising a few products. This way you don’t have to buy the goods before they order, just get pictures and post them and then when they make orders, you buy on their behalf and make a profit.

You can try doing some research on different websites and how you can make the most of their services to build your own online business. It might take a while but with a lot of consistency, you can grow your business over the next year.

8. Graphic Design

People require graphic services for several reasons these days. Asides the obvious which publicity for their businesses and events, they are used for academic, media, entertainment, and creative art purposes. This means that the market for this skill is very wide. The demand is so high even though there is a lot of competition.

To beat the competition you must be as professional as possible in the way you offer your services. There are many design software that you can make use of, so you must be efficient in using them. Grow your client base by studying the market to know who your potential clients are. Some of the highest employers of graphic design services are educational institutions, churches, entrepreneurs, record labels, etc.

9. Freelancing

The internet has made freelancing a huge business prospect, not just in South Africa, but all over the world. There are several services that can be offered. In fact, almost every service that you offer physically can be offered as a freelancer.

The question you need to ask is, “what services can I offer from home?” If you can figure this out, you should find one of the freelance websites to sign up on. Some of the services you can offer include copywriting, creative writing, graphic design, website design, coding, data entry, social media management, etc.

As long as you are a professional at a skill, there is an opportunity for you online as a freelancer. Watch the online spaces for the fees currently charged, this will help you fix a price tag for your service. You should also take courses online to sharpen your skills.


There are several other business ideas you can run in South Africa that don’t require up to R10 000. All you need to do is research properly and put yourself to work and you’ll be in business. It is advised that you develop a business plan as well. It is time to get started, leave your fears behind and get up and running.

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