Best Pizza in Pretoria

When you come to a new city, one of the first things you want to know about is food. If you are a lover of pizza and you are new in Pretoria, you want to know where to get good pizza. The good thing with pizza is that it is a universal food and it will always hit the right spot.

Pretoria has a lot of places where you can get good pizza so it will be difficult bringing you all of them. What we have done is to create a list based on popular demand and customer reviews. With our list, you can hang out with your friends at any of these interesting locations.

Best Pizza in Pretoria

The best pizza spots in Pretoria

Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli

If you love to eat Italian food then Alfie’s is a great place to try out. You will experience an authentic Italian dining experience here. Asides the amazing Italian pizza you will enjoy here, you will also have access to the wonderful deli. The pizza served here is crispy, thin, and amazingly delicious.

Address: 16th Street, Hazelwood, Waterkloof, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza, Deserts, Italian, International

Cost for two: ZAR250

Opening Hours: Closed (Mon), 7 am – 10 pm (Tue-Sat), 7 am – 4 pm (Sun)

Woodstock Urban Pizzeria

The owners of Woodstock always wanted to maintain their Italian base with their cuisine. Along with this, they also wanted to try out several kinds of toppings. To do this, they have experimented with some of the most luxurious and freshest local produce. The whole idea is to create something that will take you to Italy with every bite while giving you a touch of South Africa. by so doing, Woodstock has been able to create a range of pizzas that can rub shoulders with any pizza from any part of the world.

Address: 206 Duvernoy Street, Garsfontein, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza

Cost for two: ZAR200

Opening hours: Closed (Mon),11am – 11pm (Tue-Sat),11am – 3pm (Sun).

Bravo Pizzeria

This pizzeria provides you a wide range of options when it comes to pizzas, burgers, and pasta. Truth be told, when you visit Bravo, you get to see so many things you want to eat all at the same time. It is an amazing experience when you see your dream foods face-to-face. Bravo Pizzeria is one of the best places to catch a cheat meal in Pretoria.

The pizzas here have thin bases while they are very crispy. If you are one who cares a lot about toppings, then you should come here. There are so many toppings to pick from. The beauty of this pizzeria is that you can either make your pizza from scratch or enjoy one created by the house. Either way, you will have an amazing experience.

Address: 1212 South Street, Hatfield, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza, Burger, and Pasta.

Cost for two: ZAR120

Opening hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Mon-Sat), Closed (Sun).

Villa San Giovanni Pizzeria

One of the major selling points of this pizzeria is its location. It is set close to the airport runway and its ambiance is just amazing to behold. How about eating your pizza in a classy environment? Isn’t this what we all wish for? This location is perfect for taking any meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

As you eat, you can watch skydivers land and planes take off and land as well. The shade here is heavenly but more than this, let’s talk about the pizza. Are you interested in eating traditional Italian pizza in Pretoria? This is one of the places to get such. Asides the amazing taste, there are several wonderful toppings which this pizzeria experiments with to give you the best dining experience.

Address: Wonderboom Airport Main Terminal Building, Linvelt Road, Wonderboom, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza

Cost for two: ZAR350

Opening hours: 7 am – 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Caraffa Restaurant

This restaurant is regarded as one of the oldest in Pretoria. It was opened in 1990 and since then, it has been serving traditional pizzas that are regarded as world-class. Caraffa is known as a restaurant because you don’t just eat pizza here, there are several other dishes for you to try out.

This restaurant focuses mainly on providing visitors the best Italian dining experience ever. While all the other dishes are exciting and tasty, you shouldn’t leave without trying out the pizza. It is great and you have the luxury of trying out several toppings.

While the cuisine is mouthwatering, what excites one most about Caraffa is the customer service. Visitors to this restaurant have always applauded customer service. According to most people, it is the quality of service that makes them come back, not just the pizza.

Address: 46 Selati Street, Alphen Park, Near Waterkloof, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza, Seafood, Italian, Steak, Grill.

Cost for two: ZAR360

Opening hours: 12noon – 2:30pm, 6pm – 9:30pm (Mon-Fri), 6pm – 9.30pm (Sat.), Closed (Sun.)

Franco’s Pizzeria

One of the striking things about Franco’s is the fact that the environment seems so casual. People come here to buy pizza and take it home to eat. This is the way most of us prefer our pizza. You can also call in and get your pizza delivered to your home.

The pizza here comes with classic toppings, thin bases, and the different varieties are loaded with a lot of cheese. Here, you enjoy the perfect pizza treat no wonder it is regarded as one of the best takeout pizza locations in the whole of Pretoria.

Del Forno

If you like to do classic then Del Forno is a great place for you. This restaurant is rated highly for its classic combo of pizzas, salads, and pastas. They have come up with amazing combos that they are regarded as one of the best in the city on this account.

Their dough is always crisp so you don’t need to be too complicated with your toppings. This is not to say that they don’t have amazing toppings. But we believe the key is simplicity.

Address: GroenKloof Plaza, Corner of George Storrar and Baines Street, GroenKloof, Pretoria.

Cuisines: Pizza, Italian.

Cost for two: ZAR220

Opening Hours: 7:30 am – 10 pm (Mon-Sun)


There you have it, we have brought you seven very nice places to enjoy pizza in Pretoria. Make sure you visit any of these locations when next you visit Pretoria. Share your experience with us when you do.