Best breakfast in Johannesburg


For many of us, the best meal of the day is breakfast. In fact, medically, we are advised to never skip breakfast. One way to keep anyone from missing breakfast is when you have something sumptuous to look forward to each time.

Johannesburg is one city that has so much to offer when it comes to food. There are tons of places to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in Johannesburg. The beauty is that none of these places are too costly.

best breakfast in Johannesburg

Just in case you are in search of the best locations to enjoy breakfast in this city, we have come to your rescue. We will provide you a list of the top breakfast spots in Johannesburg in this post.

Top breakfast spots in Johannesburg

Before we go ahead, we need you to know that there are several locations to enjoy breakfast in this city. We definitely cannot bring you all the different spots so we decided to conduct a survey for the very best.

Tasha’s Melrose Arch

The standout feature about Tasha’s is the fact that breakfast is served all day long. Even if you get here at 4.30 pm, you can still enjoy scrambled eggs just the way you like it. Another thing you will enjoy here is the fact that it is possible to alter the menu to suit your preferences.

This is almost impossible in most restaurants as they are mostly rigid with their menus. The only way to alter the menu in most restaurants is by speaking to the manager who reserves the right to decline.

At Tasha’s, it is a different ballgame and you can come up with your own menu as long as they have the materials to make it. Some of our favorite dishes here include Citrus Sunrise, Mini Breakfast, and Dr. Paw Paw. Learn more about Tasha’s menu here.

The Fat Zebra – Linden

This restaurant is located in Linden which many people see as their favorite location in Johannesburg. Linden is laden with quite a number of restaurants so you have so many to choose from. However, when it comes to breakfast, The Fat Zebra stands out as exceptional.

There is so much to love about this small restaurant. First of all, the food here is amazing and very excellent. Aside from this, the service is nothing short of impeccable and let’s not forget the atmosphere that is serene and very cozy.

By the way, the poached eggs here may be the best you’ve ever had your whole life. Some of the favorite orders at The Fat Zebra include macon, poached eggs, creamy parmesan mushrooms, and toast. You should also try their maple crumpet mountain.

Address: 71, 7th Street, Linden.

Glenda’s – Hyde Park

When you want a restaurant that is the embodiment of chic style and class, look no further than Glenda’s. This is probably why many people love to eat at this restaurant on Sunday mornings.

Eating tasty food is great but when it is eaten in a cozy environment, it seems to taste better. The ambiance at Glenda’s is nothing short of divine and we promise that you’ll love it any time you visit.

You should try out their smashed avo toast any time you are in Johannesburg. Learn more about their menu here.

Address: Hyde Square, Corner Jan Smuts Avenue, and North Road, Hyde Park.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar – Melville

You wouldn’t believe it but this restaurant actually specializes in eggs alone. This is definitely different from what you would have expected. What kind of eggs do you like eating?

From poached to scrambled, from deep-fried to omelets, any kind of eggs that you like, you can have. Their menu is very interesting because of this. However, the challenge is that during weekends, you will have to join long queues if you don’t get there early.

You should definitely try out their eggs and soldiers, it is one of the best items on the menu. By the way, this is a great location to take out your spouse on a date if the person is into eggs.

Address: 2, 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg.

Nice – Parkhurst

If you are looking for the best place to order your egg baskets in Johannesburg, then Nice it is. This restaurant is famous for its egg baskets even though it is quite small. The restaurant prides itself in its very cozy atmosphere which makes every meal a delight.

Asides this, you can enjoy several breakfast dishes here. Even if you are a vegetarian, there is something for you. You should try out the vegetarian basket which contains eggs, tomato relish, mushrooms, and avocado. One of the best dishes on the menu is the half and half, it is definitely worth trying.

Learn more about Nice’s menu here.

Address: 37 4th Ave, Cnr 14th street, Parkhurst.

Motherland Coffee – Sandton City

Shopping on Saturdays can be stressful and a real bore. However, with some coffee, it should be a whole new fun experience. Well, thanks to Motherland Coffee in Sandton, we can all enjoy that whole new interesting Saturday shopping experience.

Don’t get us wrong, they do not open on Saturdays alone, you can go there on any day of the week. The coffee here is so great, you may need two or three cups to get satisfied. You should absolutely try out the cappuccino and banana loaf.

Address: Lobby of the Sandton Tower, 5th street, Sandton.

Fab Café and Gelato – Linden and Parkhurst

Though Fab is a small coffee shop, it gives you an amazing experience for breakfast. The gelato is delicious and the coffee is amazing. The combination of both gives you one of the best breakfasts you can have in the whole of Johannesburg.

Fab first opened in Parkhurst before opening a new branch in Linden. Despite this fact, the experience across both branches is the same. You should definitely try out their freshly baked scones and classic Belgian waffle when you visit. Learn more about the menu at Fab here.


Breakfast should be interesting and we have presented you with our list of best breakfast spots in Johannesburg. Did we leave any out? Share them with us in the comments section.