Architects’ Salary in South Africa


Do you live in South Africa and are you interested in architecture? It is important for you to have an idea of how much an architect takes home monthly. This will help you decide whether you should continue chasing this career or not.

Asides getting information on architects’ salary in South Africa, you should also know about what it takes to become an architect. This is one of the most interesting occupations in the world. Despite this, there are several challenges on the way to being an architect.

architect salary in south africa

In this post, we will take a look at how much architects earn in South Africa. We will also consider the road to being an architect and the educational requirements as well.

Qualifications needed to be an Architect in South Africa

All qualifications are subject to accreditation by the SA Council for the Architectural Profession. The aspiring architect must meet the laid down standards by the dictates of the profession and legislation.

The architectural degrees provided by South African universities are of a very high standard. Most of them are recognized internationally. You can study at any of the universities and universities of technology in the country.

Requirements to Study Architecture in South Africa

The requirements are constantly changing to meet up with the changing international trends in the profession. The general courses required include construction, design, the history of architecture, and several technical subjects. One of the key requirements is Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

To be accepted into a degree program at any of the universities in the country, you should have a Grade 12 exemption. Along with this, you must have a background in Mathematics. The university course is split into two halves. The first comprises a 3-year study to bag a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. The second is a professional degree in Architecture that runs for another two years.

To be offered provisional admission into one of the universities of technology, you must have a senior certificate or its equivalent. For some of the institutions, you must have passed mathematics and another science subject. You get to study for a 3-year National Diploma in Architecture. After this, you go for a year’s study for a B. Tech in Architecture. With this, you can become a senior technologist or architectural technologist.

Average Salary of an Architect in South Africa

Architecture is one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa today. An architect should earn an average of about R42 898 every month. This translates to about R514 775 annually. Senior architects get to earn way more than this.

The salary scale is based on skill, expertise, and experience. To increase your earnings over time, you might decide to begin your own architecture business. To do this, you will be required to pass the Professional Practice Entrance Examination. After this, you need to be registered under the South African Council for the Architectural Profession as a professional.

What is architecture?

Architecture, described in a nutshell, is the design of the environment which includes buildings and the spaces between them. Architecture involves several activities which include:

  • The actual design
  • Documentation of designs
  • Overseeing the construction of designed buildings

In urban areas, these responsibilities may include:

  • Inspecting the construction of gardens
  • Decorating interiors
  • Addition of the furniture in the buildings

Who is an architect?

Basically, an architect is an individual that undertakes the responsibility of designing buildings and the spaces between them. Technically, an architect is a person who designs anything but their relationship with buildings still dominates.

Architecture as an occupation is very interesting and fascinating to a lot of people. This is because it allows you to problem-solving with creativity and a desire to impact humanity. When you see a beautiful building or arrangement of buildings, what comes to mind is an architect.

Responsibilities of an architect

Asides designing buildings and their surrounding environments, architects also help with working on old buildings. Usually, the work on redesigning these old buildings and sometimes even design extensions.

Architects work on both residential and commercial projects that cut across different levels of complexities. To achieve this, architects have to practice several different skills which we will discuss later in this post.

Some of the duties of an architect include:

  1. Working on designing commercial buildings such as supermarkets and shopping centers.
  2. Designing residential buildings.
  3. Working with house developers to design residential estates.
  4. Redesigning buildings.
  5. Overseeing building projects from start to finish.
  6. Process permissions with the relevant authorities.
  7. Discuss with clients about designs and estimates for each project.
  8. Incorporate mechanical, structural, and artistic elements into designing buildings.
  9. Evaluate projects after they are complete.
  10. Prepare contract and specification documents.


It is evident that lots of opportunities abound to architects in South Africa and you can be a part. The salary is attractive as well, so in the end, every second of the rigorous training is worth it.

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